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February 4, 2019
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February 18, 2019

The albatross of career or any vocation at all is the definition and building of skills/ talent. So much seem to be dependent on these duo; check every activity and everywhere you turn to you find skills and talents being celebrated, demanded, displayed and promoted accross industries – entertainment, finance, medicine, entrepreneurship, industries etc. The future for this is certainly invaluable.

There is usually a lot of fuss about skill acquisition, building and development of skills and talents in an unending cycle. Skills and talents run like an engine, giving out energy, vibes and power in different forms. Many people think they don’t have special talent or skills that is required for them to move to their next level. They keep looking at every other person around them and keep wondering if they have any unique skills or talents that can change the world and their life story.

It is certain that everyone possess at least one skill or talent: hidden in the activities you do very well. Many don’t believe there is anything special about those activities they carry out with so much dexterity yet with least effort. Yet, a great many folks have made a difference in livelihood and wealth creation by the things they know how to do so well. All that is required is to pause, take a deep breath and if possible close your eyes and look inward…. you’ll find so much and much more!

The world around you will focus on your weaknesses and failures. The things you do so well with least energy points at an area of strength. It is self-love to focus, celebrate, dig out and magnify your strengths; if you don’t who will?

A personal SWOT is highly recommended, click here for a quick guide 👇

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