I Wept. . .
May 13, 2019
What Is The Plan❓
June 3, 2019
My last article on how I got emotional seeing a guy with a great talent who couldn’t earn a dime got a lot of feedback. I thought my emotions was only for people with talents who are yet to package it and maximise it, I was so wrong!!
There are more people on a job with seemingly no gain! From the feedback, the trend of demoralised employees, aggressive bosses, insensitive bosses, unpaid salaries, unrewarded and underpaid jobs is on the rise. The feeling of being undervalued for an actively employed individual is worse!
What will you do if you are caught up on jobs, vocation or work where you do not feel valued? If you find yourself in this state, what will you do and what will you do differently too? Too many questions will run through one’s mind endlessly. Questions like :
Should you do tit for tat?
Should you respond with the same token you have been dealt with?
Should you undercut your employer?
Should you just get aggressive and confrontational not caring whose oxe is gored?!
Becoming reactionary is the logical path but there is a greater but tougher pathway. The time to know what you are made of is when you are faced with extreme situations that touches on your survival and that is when your true character surfaces. Instead of expending much energy in what beats you down, direct it to what can move you up. Your life is your own, take charge of it.

It is the best time to do the following:

  • Quit the blame game.
  • Look inwards and create solutions.
  • Identify your passion and build an enterprise around it.
  • Seek greener pastures.
  • Take charge of your life
  • Ask for help where necessary
It was my birthday last week and I launched my book ~ “Selfie Of An Entrepreneur”. It is a book for self-starter entrepreneurs. A simplified guide to jumpstart your passion and dream business. It is a must have for aspiring business owners. That business you have been starting in your mind, it’s now time!
To order for your copy, kindly fill this form by clicking ~ Book Order Form
This week, take the bull by the horn, move on and own your life🎯

With Love

Olubamike Fadipe

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