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The gap between individuals and organizations are the businesses that are built and sustained. Career, jobs and profit are all hidden in businesses and startups. A person’s career thrives in the systems and structure that are created in the four walls of an organization.

The future of work is in startups, small and medium scale businesses. While individuals pursue career and personal fulfillment; businesses and organizations pursue profit and sustainability for as long as existence of the organization is desired.

Every person deserves a fulfilling career and every business deserves to be run like a structured system irrespective of the staff strength, location, capital base or scale of production. The systems and structure will be adapted and scaled to meet the human resource, operations and administrative needs of the budding organization.

Bankysanya and the consulting agency arm is dedicated to career and business development.

I am driven with a passion to inspire, impact and empower; helping young people to connect the dots of career, enterprise and relationship. I run a social enterprise initiative and I am building a hub for career-focused individuals as well as structured startups and enterprises.

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Experience Winning in Your Career & Business


Career/Business Coaching
Personalised and intensive career and enterprise coaching sessions for individuals who desires to discover, nurture and unleash their potentials
Career Bootcamp
A training session targeted at graduating students of tertiary institutions with focus on employability, enterprise development…
bespoke training sessions on soft skills, creating an enabling, inspiring environment designed for SMEs, MSMEs, and Startups.
Process-Up Program
An in-house flexible and adaptable program deploying best practice principles in building a structured and accountable system for your business
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