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I am Olubamike Fadipe, a career and business Coach with over a decade expertise in Human Resource Management – team building, people management, training and development (personal and organizational), As a lady who has been super inspired to be self-motivated, I love to see young people build a beautiful, richer, happier and fulfilled life. I am driven with a passion to inspire, impact and empower my world helping young people to connect the dots of career, enterprise and relationship. I run a social enterprise initiative called “Process-Up” focussed on building processes and structure in the budding startup.

I write, blog and love to inspire, share knowledge, teach, train and coach on these tripod stand of life – Career, Enterprise & Relationship. Also as an entrepreneur, I hope to infect everyone around me with starting something worthwhile and significant for self. I recently launched an e-book – “Start With What You Have”

Meet Olubamike Fadipe Seriously. . .

Olubamike Fadipe is a Human Resource expert with proven competence in helping individuals to optimise on their capacity and organizations towards building a formidable and purposeful teams leveraging on inspiration, influence and empowerment.

She has over a decade experience as a Human Resource expert and also served in varied capacity – as Administrator, Customer Service. She served at Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos as member of pioneering team of HR Department and pioneer of a Regional office of a National Health Maintenance Organization – Healthcare International. She was a facilitator at a foresmost accredited CIPM preparatory centre where she had the platform to inspire, train and support young people cutting their teeth in the Human Resource profession.

Following a high demand to daily support businesses (MSMEs) with HR processes, Operations, Systems building, she most recently started a social enterprise initiative – “Process-Up”   to support MSMEs in setting up a sustainable system and build the organization of their dream deploying best practice principles in the initial set up of the Human Resource, Operations and Administrative processes of the budding organization.

Olubamike holds a B. Agric in Animal Science from Obafemi Awolowo University, a Masters in Managerial Psychology from the University of Ibadan and a Masters in Business Administration (majoring Human Resource) in Obafemi Awolowo University. She is an Associate of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (ACIPM).

She is a Career, Business and Relationship Coach, a Trainer, an Entrepreneur, a Blogger and aspiring Author, She blogs and writes on life, personal development and business articles for the young-hearted and budding entrepreneurs.

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