News Flash: January 2020 Now Starts Early!!

Long time no mail. . .

I’ll confess, I miss me here and I promise to be better for the next decade.

Its because my new year is coming early…

If 2020 has not started for you already, your calendar is faulty!

Seriously, what’s your mailbox like with this 2020 gist? Is it like mine with so many mails and motivational jigs and 2020 as the buzzing word.

How many mails have I received about the end of the year and motivation for the new year? Countless. . . What about you? How easy has it been getting through all of them? So intentionally, aint gonna join the 2020 bandwagon, no goal bug… I promise

The irony is, exactly same sequence happened last year and just like that 2019 crept in. Now that the hyped decade and latest year in waiting – 2020 is around the corner, what’s to be done differently? To all those who set Vision 2020 to build the skyscraper of their lives… after drawing the vision and the strategy, then what next?

In some ways, the points of achievement and successes give us good feelings, fulfillment and source of gratitude. After that good feeling, then what next? Is the good feeling helpful in preparing for the new year! ( I’ll love to have your direct responses).

It will suffice to be grateful to the divine and right after then loose the memory

Act like the successes never happened! Ditch your successes and start over.

And if you are like me with a bag of “Yet To Do List and a couple of “Next Big Things”. Then join me in the train of adjusting today to be 1st Jan 2020 and start the new year right away!

Your dreams, goals and plans shouldn’t be new to meet the new year.

The main task is to list the failures and challenge it upfront. Ask WHY and HOW.

List the 4 Next Big Things (one per quarter) and move up on this journey of New Year coming early.

I’m starting mine right away, what about you?

With Love

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Olubamike Fadipe November 18, 2019 0 Comments

Communication: Tool For The Future Of Work

Imagine you are making a speech to a 1-man team or a 1,000 men

Imagine you are holding a meeting with your 1-man team in your ad-hoc or make-shift office or your world-class office space.

Will the size make a difference in your preparedness and deliver?

Will your tone, your body language, speech be with same level of preparedness?

Will you speak to a 1-man team with same intensity and coherence like you will speak when you have the dream 1,000 men team?

Will you speak to a 1-man team with same diligence, passion and clarity without a microphone and a decorated dais like you will speak when you have the dream 1,000 men team or gathering?

Every opportunity to speak with a friend, colleague, boss, supervisor, subordinates, team members, even online post; you are passing accross important cues and messages about you, who you represent and what you stand for. You are also selling your dream and yourself to others.

It doesn’t matter whether its over a cup of coffee or in the boardroom delivering a pitch; one person or to a crowd. It all counts and it adds up.

Communication will be effective when you combine :-






As you communicate with your world: team members, clients and friends this week; Seek to influence, inspire and motivate in all you do: –
🎯 WHAT you communicate?
🎯 HOW you communicate?
🎯 WHEN you communicate
🎯 WHERE you communicate?

The picture of a future or a situation well articulated in words, well written, spoken and acted out is a big deal and just like a prophecy… it comes through when acted out.

Businesses and groups will be better if owners and leaders across cadre communicate appropriately, correctly, directly and timely.

I believe every opportunity counts and you might not have a second chance to push forward your best foot!

So make every chance count!

✍With Love ✍

Olubamike (Bankysanya™ )

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Many of us can identify expired food, drugs and other household items, asides that, what other expired items can we identify?! Can we see any other thing when expiring including ourselves?😜

Products have fixed date, do humans expire?

Truth is everything has capacity to expire! Even humans!

In humans, when a part of the body is not used regularly and exercised, that part becomes flaccid, loose life, tone, vigor, strength, reduces in size, muscle and in weight.

How about skills then? An unused skill loses relevance.

Skills are like the digital applications consistently requiring being applied and being updated. On updates, that’s absolutely at the speed of light. What you thought was relevant last year is fast becoming outdated and if not updated, will soon become out-of-style.

Our digital devices take us through this everyday: Existing applications on mobile will periodically require renewal or updates. Failure to update on some mobile devices will start giving error feedback, hitches and glitches, sometimes a total shutdown. The communication of the error feedback and glitches is simply that your usage has expired.

In every aspect and sphere of life, rapid changes occur consistently. Before you open your eyes and close, there is an addition, new ideas, new design, new gadgets, products, innovation, improvement, a technology, style another twist introduced to what was familiar. What you think is the best today with so much hype will soon become expired and out of fashion. The reason why continuous exposure, training and retraining is essential for “personal software updates”.
Whether you are a career pro or business guru, regular updates is a MUST.

Find here;
Tips for regular “software updates”

  • Have a great network to connect to: identify the PEOPLE WHO ALREADY KNOWS what you need to learn.
  • Schedule a day of searching out new trends and ideas, DELIBERATE KNOWLEDGE SEARCH (beginning of a new week or a new month is recommended.)
  • Build an open attitude towards learning: LEARN HOW TO LEARN.
  • When you hear about unfamiliar concepts, ASK QUESTIONS.
  • Keep on REPEAT MODE.

Make consistent effort not to expire!

✍With Love ✍

Olubamike (Bankysanya™ )

I help individuals & business owners create clarity, direction and structure to thrive.

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Cracking The Career Versus Business Code

What is your opinion about career or job and business? Feel free to hit the reply button with your response.
I saw a post attributed President Uhuru Kenyatta but Nigerian Reno Omokri is protesting to being the author…

If you really love your children, get a business, not a job, because when you die, your children cannot inherit your job, but they can definitely inherit your business. . . Go home and think of a business idea”

Well, whoever is the author, the lesson remains the same.

Summary: A job and career versus a business; job is not transferable but business or investment is. The post got me thinking deeply and it played out actively in my mind as I learnt of the tragic demise of a former colleague. As sad and sorrowful as everyone will be, the organization will still have to offer services that day and thereafter! The reality is that the vacant position will soon need to be filled! It’s a sad reality that HR professionals and employers have to go through. We cry and thereafter do what we need to do! Sadly!

I do not see jobs and business as opposite of each other or extremes as it has been painted, rather I see them as complementing each other. I believe building entrepreneurial abilities, capacities, muscle and streams of income while on a job comes highly recommended!

The best time to build something different or to diversify is while you are fluid and optimal with abilities, energy, ideas, passion, skills and resources. I have listened to many people needing permissions to start something and waiting for the best time. Permissions from bosses? From spouse? From friends? From who again?

To employers who frown at this? Still wondering why though? A guideline, policy or system that helps employees declare their side engagements without discrimination can be established instead of creating unwritten codes and “No Biz Zone”. As the employee what can you do to avoid misunderstanding? There is no one answer fits all. You need to understand your employer and the style. In some settings it might pass that you will approach the HRM and inform formally or informally, other times you might need to watch the tide.

Many people express how the nature of their jobs will not permit building a business at all and I am quick to offer building a family business as the direct alternative for the married especially in these days of steep performance appraisals, scarce unemployment, job insecurity, paycut, employers owing salaries, death of business owner and the list is endless.

The charge is when will you take that move?! Its costlier when life happens before you start thinking of thinking to start!

The last few months has taught me more that the best time to build a system for more is in the time of great harvest! When lean season comes, it might be rough and tough but you have backups (story for another day)!The job for the future is the one you create now!

✍With Love ✍
Olubamike (Bankysanya™ )
I help individuals & business owners create clarity, direction and structure to thrive.
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How Are You Handling Your “FOMO”❓

Attitude Of Learning

The attitude towards knowledge expresses itself in our daily actions, disposition, habits and lifestyle. It shows up in our conversations and interactions. Sometimes, the gap of what needs to be learnt seems so wide especially in the highly dynamic and disruptive world where technology seems to be overriding all that we need to do and we can feel the pulse in our results. There is a danger of being left behind and a palpable ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ sometimes mixed with ego, when this gets prolonged and there is no effort to catch up, people resign and design apathy, indifference and ‘it doesn’t matter’ as coping skills. What you need to know remains and deepens to eternity until you begin to get curious and take up learning as a lifestyle!
You don’t realize how much you don’t know until you meet someone who knows. I had a conversation with someone last week and I ended the conversation feeling like a dullard… wondering how my thinking faculty seemingly faced another direction! It was a fair challenge for me and I concluded I’ll be needing regular shots of that.
In life, we pay for what we don’t know irrespective of how common the knowledge is, if you don’t have it, it’s gold to you and you have to give an exchange for it. You either invest yourself in searching out and learning (that might be slow) or you pay someone to teach you (the shortest and fastest).
Some doors and ideas will never open, Some people will remain incognito to us and we will never learn if we remain in the I don’t know Island! While we bask in the status quo and stay with what we have always known and who we have always been, truth is that’s how a lake is, one becomes helpless and stuck in the mud! 🤦‍♀️
The phrase ‘I don’t know’ is fast becoming an offence!
Personally, I have barred my children from saying that phrase; it locks up creativity, shuts up every attempt to discover or unravel and shuts down the natural instinct of curiosity that we were designed with. Please make a decision never to use that phrase!
Here are a few tips to help build an attitude of learning.
5 Tips To Building An Attitude of Learning:
• Never say I don’t know!!
• Replace with Let Me Find Out
• Use Google
• Build A Habit of Asking
Share New Knowledge with others.

✍With Love ✍

~ Olubamike (Bankysanya™)

I help individuals and businesses create clarity, direction and structure to thrive.

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Unscripted Vs Scripted

Sometimes last year I shared in one of my posts how corporations and institutions run in order to create room for expansion and improvement. I also shared how we can run our personal lives like an institution. This is based on my personal belief that my life is an entity and an institution that is unfolding gradually, this is not for bragging purposes, it is the truth‼ I have many departments and units that run concurrently and so I am committed to living consciously and intentionally to allow every part to run at their best.

My life has a vision and a mission that I live for, that is documented, clearcut, well understood by me and absolutely giving direction to everything I do. I have core values that I live by and it is clearly documented. Not fun following sometimes but having a bigger cause to hold yourself up to is a higher calling.

I remember an instance when lady Chubby (My. Lil PA) was going to High School and I made her go through my core values (our core values as a family), initially she laughed because up until that time, it was never a document, it was just like some instruction we dole out time in time out. . . I kept my straight face, made her go over and over till I she picked up with same serious stance. She took her copy to school and we reviewed at every instance.

Why I’m I sharing this today?

I have met many great minds with lofty ideals and ideas in their minds, the last time I chat with them, it’s still in the same location – their minds….. doing nothing, becoming nothing and converting to nothing.

The same principle for your business irrespective of the scale it runs on currently. Whether side hustle, solopreneur, one-man battalion, 5 or 20 employees, in fact, you are the only staff: Why should you write? Who are you writing for? I hear these all the time. Turn unscripted to scripted.
For the future 6 months, 5 years or 10 years team or employees. WRITE, READ, SAY IT and SOAK the meanings in. As a man thinketh, so is he and so he becomes. The earlier you document, the earlier and better you build capacity to do more and be more.

Have a Splendid August.

I help individuals and businesses create clarity, direction and structure they need to thrive. Book a session or enquiry, Send a WhatsApp DM or email:

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Be Selfish!

Wondering if you heard me right? Yeah! I said so ~ Be Selfish!

Having an idea or a big thought that gets you restless, gives you sleepless nights leaving you with many things you should have been doing or need to do is a first blessing God gives anyone. The blessing can either be for you or for a group of people, either way, it starts with an idea or a thought but it’s not enough. Of what use is any idea if it won’t impact or solve problem(s).

Ideas and thoughts are the first route through which the heavens tries to solve earth”s problem and its available for all. Ideas and thoughts are whispers from the divine and it is a first degree success but much more than that has to be done. The thoughts have to leave the cognition kingdom and translate to reality.

It is a greater degree success and blessing to know how to convert ideas into value delivery engine and gain prosperity from same. Many people stall here for one or more of these: because they don’t know, they want to get it all right and perfect, they compare themselves or their ideas and journey to another person’s or because they think what they need to be to start is larger than where they are.

I always share this as a principle that FOCUS brings CLARITY that if all we focus on 24/7 is our ideas, thoughts and brainstorm on how we can work it out and we stop looking around at what others are doing and what they think we will receive more for great success.

The energy we dissipate in thoughts on other people’s business – what’s working and what’s not is immense. Focusing on US with all the intensity and seriousness it deserves is a direct obligation. Too many times, we are required to pay a price for our big dreams but it seems tough. We invest time and energy doing jobs with mind-blowing targets that we push ourselves hard to try to achieve or achieve but setting and meeting self targets seem like a hurdle. We churn out documentation and strategy on our jobs but why do we get stalled on that which is ours? Can you dare to be selfish!

So, I’ll ask you before today winds up: What’s your next big thing and what’s the plan?

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments.
✍With Love ✍
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What Do You Know❓

There seems to be so much information and knowledge in the social media space. There is practically no aspect of life or subject matter that you won’t find information on if you ever bother to find out. Google has become a verb – “just Google it”.

The knowledge market is being disrupted and it is evolving. From traditional mode of communication and knowledge sharing to the digital and information. The disruption and evolution added opportunities not just for learning but also for earning.

I get emails and messages of people who read or listen to others who they perceive as experts, they are wowed and then conclude that what they know is irrelevant or doesn’t amount to much! I hear people say about themselves that they don’t know anything simply because of what someone else knows! “The truth about knowledge is that we know by learning and we learn by knowing”.

Knowing by learning is when you are at the receiving side, learning by knowing involves you applying and sharing with your environment what you already know which reinforces what you know and opens you up for more.

The downsides of feeling not enough is that such opinion keeps you on one side of learning. I have felt like that before, so I can relate with such opinion of self. Knowledge has levels and it’s never-ending. There is knowledge for everyone: if you are an expert, you will get your size and if you are upcoming, you have your own that matches with your level and status. You will always have around you people who have more knowledge and learning and on the other side, you will have others who are below you in knowledge.

Whether you are an an employee on a job, a starter, a subject matter expert, a coach, an employer or business owner; you certainly know something that someone needs.

So what do you know that you can share, pause and ponder! 🤔. I am certain someone needs your knowledge. . .

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments below 👇
✍With Love ✍
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Choose Your Door🚪

As a little girl, I saw my parents work hard daily and so hard to earn a living, gain advancement and promotion on the job and work till retirement. The job then was secured, predictable, they both retired and I am a proud product of their livelihood; they gave my siblings and I the best they could afford.
In those days, it was desirable to stay on a job as jobs were secured; promotion was predictable, staying to term was desirable, term meaning retirement so as to earn the full entitlement. Years have passed and I wonder if some of these reasons still exist at all.

Livelihood as a reason to stay on the job? Absolutely right! Needs, bills and all have to be settled. It’s a given!. Advancement? Yeah, the need to move ahead, increase in abilities, capacity, responsibilities and earnings; does this come in the same order? I doubt! In recent days, most folks do a lot more but earnings might not match up and if it comes at all, does it come as regular as desirable.

Retirement? Does this still happen? Will retirement on the job happen for this generation? Will it be a relevant word or stage of work cycle for the millennial? I doubt.

Truth is, most employees would have to find their exit route one way or the other before been laid off becomes the only option. A friend of mine shared how he prays and looks forward to escaping every MPR (Monthly Progress Report) not without fear and trepidation.

The demands and forces on organizations impacting on existence, survival and growth of such organization will not end. Hard truth is that many businesses will whittle away and many others will spring up.
The employee mode or status in the future workplace is hidden in contracts and outsourcing ditching tenure and modifying entitlements.

The tough question I woke up with today is on choosing the tough pill. If you ever have to choose a bitter pill, which one will it be?

The tough question is what’s your exit route, expiry date and plan on your current job? Do you have any? If not, pause and ponder.
I’m I saying everyone should quit their jobs? No! I’m simply saying jobs are tough and can be unpredictably insecure!

I’m saying have a plan – 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years, whatever the tenure of the plan, just have a plan.
Choose the decision, don’t let the decision choose you.
Hope you find this helpful? Kindly give feedback 👇

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments below 👇

✍With Love ✍


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The Commerce Eyes

Someone once said new month greetings is overrated, like every new month you must make some greetings and prayers. Like we have become event conscious, whether social, public, national holiday, the first day of a year, a new month, new weekday an event. The activities before such days, events or occasions are hyped with salutations, emotions and so many encomiums and the days after such days thereafter might just be like every other days. Do you think greetings for days and events are overrated? I really will love to know your views.

So deliberately I am not saying any greeting about the new month of July until I get your sincere feedback 🤔 Not a threat oh! Me?! I no fit! I just want to know what views to follow.

While we are at it, let me share my weekend experience and all that my eyes saw: It is almost like a given that the weekends have been dedicated for social events – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I’m wondering why too🤔. Need I take you through the typical owanbe events and the kind of “investment” – the energy, effort and resources that are expended on this. It is regular to perceive this as a weekly affair as our weekends have been zoned as owanbe days.

This past weekend, I was at a wedding ceremony of a dear sister and while I sat in the beautifully decorated hall for the 2-days ceremony in the midst of a luxurious ambience, the glitz and glam of the occasion, the calibre of the guests, the fashion and style trend, the sumptuous meals and the sequenced buzzing of people’s voices and the banter. All I kept seeing was money, commerce, transactions, exchange and all.

All through the event, my eyes were turning on their own seeing opportunities webbed in our culture, lifestyle, fashion and how same have been sanely disrupted creating an entire business line within an industry. Fashion, entertainment, creative art, catering were all represented.

A friend asked me how much I think the Master of Ceremony would have earned, we started the fuscussion, I suggested a range based on assumption and baseline of the MC’s contemporary. We discussed further the peculiarity of the events planning and management industry: noting how dynamic and open the industry is. It is an open market; there is no regulation on pricing, every man for himself. We concluded that self-confidence, exposure, network and leverage are all players in charting a great pathway.

Well, whether we like it or not, we will keep having events and this investment will continue in cycles. So to those whose interests, skills and passion intersect in this arena who also have opportunities in this regard, find your place and voice and challenge every day to be different, directed, focussed and targeted.

Hope you find this helpful? Kindly give feedback 👇

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments below 👇

With Love ✍

~ Olubamike


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