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July 15, 2019
Unscripted Vs Scripted
August 1, 2019

Wondering if you heard me right? Yeah! I said so ~ Be Selfish!

Having an idea or a big thought that gets you restless, gives you sleepless nights leaving you with many things you should have been doing or need to do is a first blessing God gives anyone. The blessing can either be for you or for a group of people, either way, it starts with an idea or a thought but it’s not enough. Of what use is any idea if it won’t impact or solve problem(s).

Ideas and thoughts are the first route through which the heavens tries to solve earth”s problem and its available for all. Ideas and thoughts are whispers from the divine and it is a first degree success but much more than that has to be done. The thoughts have to leave the cognition kingdom and translate to reality.

It is a greater degree success and blessing to know how to convert ideas into value delivery engine and gain prosperity from same. Many people stall here for one or more of these: because they don’t know, they want to get it all right and perfect, they compare themselves or their ideas and journey to another person’s or because they think what they need to be to start is larger than where they are.

I always share this as a principle that FOCUS brings CLARITY that if all we focus on 24/7 is our ideas, thoughts and brainstorm on how we can work it out and we stop looking around at what others are doing and what they think we will receive more for great success.

The energy we dissipate in thoughts on other people’s business – what’s working and what’s not is immense. Focusing on US with all the intensity and seriousness it deserves is a direct obligation. Too many times, we are required to pay a price for our big dreams but it seems tough. We invest time and energy doing jobs with mind-blowing targets that we push ourselves hard to try to achieve or achieve but setting and meeting self targets seem like a hurdle. We churn out documentation and strategy on our jobs but why do we get stalled on that which is ours? Can you dare to be selfish!

So, I’ll ask you before today winds up: What’s your next big thing and what’s the plan?

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