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April 8, 2019
The True Self. . .
April 22, 2019

Everytime we have a chance to meet and engage in conversation with an individual or a group, formal or informal, professional or myundane, there is a common factor of expectation of “making sense” to say it in the most simplistic manner. You just need to make sense to hold people’s attention or for them to take you serious, inspire and hopefully get the most desirable result out of them.

I remember a book I read many years ago on how to be a Diva and the author listed the recommended postures, patterns, words, attitude that will make a young lady to be perceived as a diva. By the time I finished with the book, I knew this was a good book but then, it was too much of a book to turn me to an “assorted” kind of personality. I wondered if it would ever be real to do all therein considering my antecedents; I concluded that totally won’t be me! Not because it isn’t cool to be a diva through and through but I imagined taking some of the learnings will be a means of improvement but taking on all wouldn’t just be me, it will be being a diva according to the author. So I settled for taking some learnings and letting go of the rest.

Starting out in life, we are taught to do “make believe” to “make sense” at formal interactions like interviews, presentations or business meetings, to sound in a particular way, say a particular sentence and so on. We have seen and read many generic responses and patterns, so much online! Now, it is okay to learn all the how to’s online but at the end of the day, everyone who got same memo or read same book, same blog or online articles will say the same things at interviews or presentations.

The real gig then is, will your generic response be seen as the best or most appropriate response for you? For how long can you sustain such? How YOU are you in words and deeds? Or do you code-switch you?

You can be sure that your listeners can decipher.

Be You QED

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