Before your next airtime recharge, Pause!

Living tomorrow today!
January 22, 2017
The Tripod of Love, Work and Future
April 4, 2017
Recently I got a social media broadcast that seem to have given me so much to chew and churn. Taking me on a guilt trip around what I believe, what I value and the kind of vibe I like to flow around me. I like the entrepreneurial and intrapreneural energy ⚡ and I’ve always imagined a world filled with such energy eventhough I know everybody cannot be! I love the idea of been able to tweak with resources at the multiplication level. And so, this post got me! It ended up putting me in a guilt corner but I’m snapping out fast!. Here’s the post-
“Please, to remind you!!
Stop buying airtime from banks,
Buy from hawkers( those who sell on the road or around your home areas) because our brothers are now becoming jobless.
Buy from people not machine please!
So that they will earn a living! Save our people from loosing their small businesses”
This is so sad but true! I’m also guilty of this😞. I’ve found myself taking the quickie step and opting for the shortest route with airtime recharge and I consistently did that not thinking of the impact for one day! To the point that I really don’t remember the codes for the manual recharge with recharge cards. Similar to exchange of robots and technology with our manual effort in the workplace. The day they build an application or software that can do my tasks readily, then my job becomes threatened and job loss might be imminent. 
As much as we can, let’s s build up others in every way we can at all the times we can. Let’s build roadside businesses, let’s help ventures to be viable especially in times like this. More often than not, so many lives are linked to these means of livelihood.
The thought never occurred to me until I saw the broadcast and I realize how my actions, inactions, disposition, habit, what I call convenience and comfort affect others in significant ways. I’ve since had to juggle my balls to impact on the point where it matters most and definitely, there’s a price to pay for this decision that outrightly excludes comfort but over and over and over, it’s a worthwhile step to take.
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