Career, Job and Work – Series 1

Career, Job and Work Series.
April 24, 2014
May Day or /mehdeh/?
May 2, 2014
Every time I address undergraduates or fresh university graduate on the reality of life after school and what the future holds, I see fear, agitation, restlessness. While I can identify with these emotions, I have come to appreciate the wide gap that exists between where a fresh grad is on their journey of life in career, job and business, where s/he needs to be and the One million dollar question of how to get there. Many dreamt of becoming doctors, engineers, pharmacists, pilots, aeronautic engineers, a professors, chartered accountants, etc. For a few the hopes are fulfilled while for many, the story takes another turn when the first major hurdle in their academic sojourn don’t land them in their desired spot.  And so, they settle for the available course or “courses they are offered” in the students’ parlance.
Going through college or university and higher institutions of learning has it’s demands of lectures, tutorials, assignments, term papers, projects, examinations etc. amidst living conditions that is far from the ideal. And with all these come the struggle to finish with an acceptable and desirable grade. The hope is that after all these sacrifices, good life that will compensate for the suffering will come with ease like it happened in the days of our fathers when two people shared a whole chicken for near free meal tickets and a job on the waiting right after school( at least I heard that first hand). Those days are still very desirable and hoped for but yet to come and until then….. While we can relish the past, we must create, write, edit, direct and act out our future. In the meantime, don’t keep fingers crossed, keep it active and working!
Candid thought and questions to take home are – What is a job? and What is a career? While you ponder on this. . . Pls keep active!
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