Career, Job and Work Series 2.

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May 2, 2014
Build enterprise, don’t start!
May 29, 2014
Many times in life, twists and turns fall in on our path that we keep linking together one to another while we focus on the desirable end. This happens oftentimes in many aspect of life such that it is when we move near the end that ease comes and focus is directed. Building a career can sometimes take this path and differentiating among the three concepts of work, job and career might be unclear for young folks especially in a country where there is high rate of unemployment and underemployment. The word career might even look hazy and non-existent. For this purpose, it’s important to describe the concepts and their relationship.

Career, job and work: the three musketeers are not left out as they are interrelated and many a time used interchangeably eventhough they mean different things.
Job in the simplest word can be described as a means of livelihood. It also describes specific activities required to be done as a duty in exchange for a specific fee or reward. Work in the same vein similar to job is activity directed towards making or doing something of occupation for which one gets paid.
Career refers to the general progression of working and professional activities over a given timeframe or lifespan. Check out this for further reading 

The irony about these three concepts is that they are connected in what seems like a progression and often times linked together to arrive at an outcome. Young people can find these concepts confusing and unclear as there are no rules! 

For the purpose of career and profession building, the drive starts with a clear picture of the desirable result or outcome while progressive jobs and work opportunities are deliberately channelled in the specific direction. You can have a career in view and have a job today….that’s familiar, keep active on the job, hone skills, keep learning and constantly improve. It starts on that note and then the journey progressively gets better.

A chart of personal development focussed on career is also important. In moving from one point to another, have information about the destination, how to get there and perhaps who has gone there before. Bringing that to building real life career, you must have information on the desired career, know the career requirements, be it a degree, skill, training, experience or expertise  and very importantly identify one who has achievement in the chosen career and follow after.

My charge to you today is a quote “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” ~ Jim Fox

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