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October 1, 2018
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November 12, 2018

The last few weeks I have been sharing my thoughts on career on our social media pages and the responses have been encouraging. I have been engaged in a lot of personal conversations on career and personal development. I find this exciting. The conversations on career thoughts have been on a wide range of discuss from career entry to career advancement and to career switch.
Entry point for our graduates seem to be the most challenging with its peculiar competitiveness. Think about it: a narrow funnel of job supply with a wide basin job demand. These two extremes will always be on a thin line of meeting point. It baffles me though that despite the high level of unemploynent, there are jobs, vacancies streaming webpages and social media everyday, yet its a daunting task gaining a slot for most candidates.
The CV or resume presentation is the number one alibi. Think about this, the recruiters do not have a lot of time, yet faced with a pile of CVs, also doesn’t know you asides from all you wrote about you in your CV and first impression is as good as the key as the probability of a second chance impression is low.
Putting together abilities, skills, professional prowess, potential and personality, on paper can be an uphill task.
To have a view of all that you are and all that you can do on few sheets of paper is a feat. There is the human factor of eyeing only the relevant and “catchy” ones, there is also technology factor which reckons with keywords on your CV or resume.
Before you click on that job portal, check and check again and be sure you got it all covered. Check it out with this CV or resume checklist here. . . Resume Checklist

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