February 18, 2019

The race of Updates. . .

Before now, expiration only applied to food, drugs and few household items, but now it applies to animated versions and parts. In humans, when a part of the body is not exercised and put to regular use, it becomes flaccid, lose life, tone and vigor, reduces in size, muscle and in weight. Same applies to skills: an unused skill loses […]
May 12, 2018

The Butterfly Nature

Butterfly is an amazing nature’s creation in our world. We think of this wonder of nature more for the beauty – the colour, the shape, the motion and all. Have you ever given further thought on a butterfly’s lifecycle? “Butterfly is only the current name, it sure has a past and definitely a future.” The past of the butterfly is […]
December 30, 2016

The making of the new year.

The year is gradually winding down and the new year waits with arms akimbo! This Christmas season must have been for me the most unusual. No Christmas decorations, no lightnings, no chicken slaying, no cakes and creams, no special rice combination cooking and all the ‘accessories’ that goes with party rice and the euphoria of yuletide season! To think that […]
January 1, 2015

The 2015 of your dreams. . .

Few hours already gone in the new year accross most time zones in the globe and so the long awaited new year ~ 2015 has come. Many died just few hours before the new year but you made it, so a brand new 2015 set for a new YOU! The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months has begun ticking, […]
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