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Work For Who❓

A greater part of daily life goes into having a job, work, vocation, career or business. Whether working for someone, self employed, waiting to get a job or start a business, the preoccupation is very active towards getting a job, keeping or advancing on the job.

Have you ever thought about this: if you have a job, all that will matter is to keep the job, get a better job and advance to the peak point. Same rule applies if you run a business, you will hustle to gain customers, gain leads, make sales and gain competitive advantage to achieve a profitable business. On the flipside, if you are yet to get a job, you keep applying, seeking opportunities, networking and pushing hard! Until that singular goal is achieved, we see and rate ourselves differently.

To a large extent we define ourselves by what we do ~ our job, work, vocation, career or business and by where we do it. We also measure our performance and success in life with the rewards and returns that our jobs or endeavour offers. By implication, this part of life cannot be shoved aside or ignored as it affects livelihood and survival.

As critical as this aspect of life is, there are parts for us to follow but many parts are not in our total control – your job will be directed by the Management of the organization, marketforces, policies and the superiors in their diverse variants. The workplace can be tough and many issues staring us in the face. What do we then do to get the best of our working life and not be at the mercy of others? Sometimes you can choose, other times you don’t have that privilege. Do you then ask yourself who do I really want to work for? The answer is Work for yourself!!

Yes, you heard me! Work for yourself!!
The best mode to be on the job whether on your business as an entrepreneur or as an employee: wear the cap of working for yourself striving to have personal results, seeing every opportunity as a step forward and every challenge as capacity building. When you work for yourself, your attitude and disposition changes.

This week I challenge you to WORK FOR YOURSELF and see the difference in your attitude and results.🎯✍

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It’s a pathway. . .

The month of May for me starts with stream of nostalgia considering that many parts of my life revolve around it.

Today, the beginning of the month also is the international workers day that’s celebrated in many parts of the world by labour and trade unions. The labour unions and employees agitate and negotiate for better pay and seemingly a battle time for the privileged folks who are employed.

Being employed whether as an employee or self-employed is a privilege, whatever career or vocation one finds oneself, even if it is not the most desirable, it might be the available and it puts food on the table, be grateful. It’s not an end, more often than not, it’s a pathway. The tasks, assignments, projects that you have engaged with so far all add up eventually and it’s never a waste! For many folks, where you are right now in your vocation came as answered prayers.

For those wishing for better days in their career and working hard at refreshing a career or changing employment, don’t despise present level, enjoy where you are on the way to where you are heading. For those  hoping for a brighter day, to gain an employment and at least be able to put food on the table, don’t give up even if it feels so! Press on, keep hope alive, keep value-adding radar up. Keep yourself active in your industry, learn to start your day business-like, network, make friends and do all to keep hope alive and never forget to always remember that you can start where you are, it’s a pathway. Don’t be proud to start small.

Wishing you all a beautiful month and may it be most remarkable for you in your vocation and chosen career.

Olubamike Fadipe is a writer with a passion to inspire, impact and motivate.

Twitter: @Bankysanya

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