March 5, 2018

Daily Drucker: Managing for the Future

5 MARCH Prediction of future events is futile The starting point to know the future is the realization that there are two different, though complementary, approaches: ▪ Finding and exploiting the time lag between the appearance of a discontinuity in the economy and society and its full impact-one might call this anticipation of a future that has already happened. ▪ […]
April 4, 2017

The Tripod of Love, Work and Future

Welcome to the month of April. It’s not just a new month, but also the beginning of a new quarter and a new phase. It’s another opportunity on time space to do all that we love and want to do and all that we need to do. As scary as it can be that the year 2017 is one quarter […]
November 6, 2014

The 365 Views. . .

The beginning of every year sends a tingling sensation for many people with a resolution of what to be and what not to be, what to do and what not to do with high spirit and acute optimism. Usually, the year starts with so much confidence and high hopes, a long list of dreams, goals, hopes, ideas, plans and resolutions […]
October 1, 2014

Bringing leadership home. . .

The greatest dearth of my continent ~ Africa is the dearth of leaders and a warped concept of leadership. Every country and group of people have claims of been led by someone at the helm of affairs. There is a saying that I will like to convert to describe leadership ~ “Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, some have […]
April 24, 2014

Career, Job and Work – Series 1

Every time I address undergraduates or fresh university graduate on the reality of life after school and what the future holds, I see fear, agitation, restlessness. While I can identify with these emotions, I have come to appreciate the wide gap that exists between where a fresh grad is on their journey of life in career, job and business, where […]
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