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TGIF, I mean TGIS. . .
Yeah, its been a roller coaster, been quite busy and I kept writing in my mind,why he hustle of the week did not allow me to finish this. And finally, on my sofa with my fingers scribbling away, here we are. The long awaited weekend has come and its fast running out.
The whole weekend idea, still wonder how it all started! I shall do a research and surely share here one of these days. Most people believe it starts on Friday and I still wonder how? The mantra of TGIF confirms that though.
The mantra TGIF has come a long way from the history of chain of restaurant that is tagged T.G.I. Fridays and a defunct American TV weekly program on ABC. The two sources at different point had to rename or defend the TGIF expression. Restaurant referred to the acronym T.G.I. Fridays as “Thank Goodness Its Friday” while TV sitcom that held every Friday in the 90’s claimed their own TGIF as “Thank Goodness Its Funny”. Asides from these two different descriptions by two institutions, the global public has its own mantra with meaning and definition for social mindset which is based on perception of fun, relaxation and “shut-down mode”. Perhaps, the meaning is transferred or implied from the two existing sources of restaurant and TV program respectively, we are not certain but not unlikely.
To the public, the conflicting description by the two business sources does not in anyway influence the generally acceptable mantra. The acronym TGIF in some parlance is simply -Thank God Its Friday while some folks will change the God to Goodness for political correctness (wondering why though?). The essence still Centre’s around fun and relaxation and for that, it has gained so much popularity.
By the way, why do we have TGIF mantra only been linked to the close of work week on Fridays? Has anyone ever given thought to a Saturday mantra?! “Thank God It’s Saturday” And why not?!
In all, the amazing lesson I have learnt as I have engaged my mind in thought is that some people have capacity to create trends but no one can imagine the end of such trend from when it begins. The ability to create new ideas, designs or new ways of doing things that is projected to the world remains the sure way to create styles and trends. While people create new solutions and new ideas, they often end up creating a style, a trend unknowingly. Irrespective of the nomenclatures we create on any idea, piece of work or design, the world on the other hand will always have its own views, perception and opinion.
The question then is; does personal views and the other’s opinion ever align? Should they? Must they? Can the opinion, perception of others be a true picture or idea of self? When it does not, what then happens?
Many times in life we are faced with taking a stance and making decisions, we will need to answer honestly this personal self examination questions about others opinion and perception.

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The 365 Views. . .

The beginning of every year sends a tingling sensation for many people with a resolution of what to be and what not to be, what to do and what not to do with high spirit and acute optimism. Usually, the year starts with so much confidence and high hopes, a long list of dreams, goals, hopes, ideas, plans and resolutions with an endpoint that revolves around picture of a desirable or preferred future. As the 365 days in the year unfolds, the several dreams, goals, hopes, ideas and plans are expected to unfold with the new year desires and wish list fulfilled.

As the year progresses and the 365 days in the year gradually winds up, the ideas, goals, visions, dreams hang around us and haunts us. As many as these desires and wish list can be, having a desirable and positive outcomes is the desirable achievement and the success story. These success stories are usually not as many. Translating the dreams, goals and ideas into reality is the herculean task, going through the haul and giving it all it takes. On this path of reality, some dreams and ideas fizzle away, some get discouraged and turn back, a few keep up and stay firm while some redraw the dream, goal or idea. The litmus test of every dream or idea is in the consistency, commitment, adaptability and flexibility.

It’s sad to know that bad circumstances often occur to our dreams, ideas, plans; sometimes things don’t go the way we project. Life often deal us a mix punch of good and bad, fun and pain. Failure happens to plans, dreams and ideas, the cost is high but it definitely is not license to truncate the idea or quash a dream. The colour of failure is bleak, dull, lacking luster and casts a melancholy facade on dreams, plans and goals. Failure casts shadow and a spell on its subject. It veils rays of brightness. The reality also is that, staying firm on an idea is not an assurance that it will sail through or succeed. Failure is an unavoidable part of life, it magnifies itself and create a halo on many other aspects of life.

As thick as the darkness of failure can be, it often forms a platform for future success. It becomes the tutor of the future knowledge and innovation. As the year runs to a visible end, it won’t be a bad idea to critique how the year has fared so far. Do a self-audit: consider and examine the failures, weaknesses and the shortcomings. Reevaluate the dreams, goals, hopes, ideas and plans that are still in the pipeline, for goals yet to be achieved, for ideas that are still in the womb, it’s not too late! Never too late to take active step. The best time to begin with anything that is worthwhile at all is NOW!

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Fly Don’t Walk. . .

The last article focused on encouraging the drive to start something creative, productive and positive. The excuses for procrastination applies to majority- old or young, male or female. These excuses are typical and unending and we easily find logical sequence of well thought-out reasons not to take a step perceived as desirable. Maintaining a state of rest comes natural, it does not require any form of expansion or contraction, no shift in space and time nor transition from comfort zones to unfamiliar, risky terrains. 
For any venture, project or ideas, a degree of potential opportunities, abilities and energy is required while an impetus, drive, liquid or flow of directed energy is required to drive the potential and give expression to the innate abilities. The latent energy is same as existing abilities and abilities that are hidden. These abilities require been identified first and seen as what it is – potentials, a step further on potentials is exploring, honing skills and improvement on existing abilities. 
It is a general saying that the grave is the most fertile ground as it is filled with many who died locked up under Mother Earth with tonnes of ‘what’ they could have become. Potential left untapped is a lost opportunity cost; lost cost of what could have been and abilities that could have been  converted to gain/profit. In many folks today, we have tonnes of potential and latent energy filled with untapped opportunities waiting to be explored and hidden under myriads of excuses. Excuses are usually intelligent but almost always not profitable as they leave those potentials and forms of energy permanently in an unexpressible form. Excuses like ~”Not done this before”, “What if I fail”?, “What if the idea is not viable”? “What if I was wrong”? “What if I loose all”? 
For these endless questions, rather than leave the questions unanswered, it is better to be on the curious lane by inquisitively seeking fair responses and putting self on the reverse lane which will eventually lead to the action-base lane. And so in my crude version, I’ll rather respond to the questions in this mode- 
“Not done this before” ~ So why not try now! There is always a first time!
“What if I fail?” ~ And what if you do not? 50:50 right, Then it’s a gain!
“What if the idea is not viable?” ~ And what if the idea is? Do you lose or you gain?
“What if I was wrong?” ~ And what if you are right?
“What if I loose all?” ~ And what if you don’t loose all? Or loose any at all?
The truth is life and our existence itself is probabilistic i.e. 50:50, daily living is filled with such probabilistic models. For example, why should we close our eyes to sleep at night? What is the assurance that we will wake up next morning? We seem to have a hope on such things typically applying an air of religiosity, yet it is difficult to stretch the same hope further on our aspirations, ambitions and ideas. On this note, I charge that on any idea, venture or project; hope, faith and energy should be expended on what is – what exists to achieve what can be.
I submit on this note: “That it is better to crawl than being static, better to walk than to crawl and better to fly than to walk; One common denominator, just keep attempting all forms of motion” ~ ‘BF
Comments, contributions, queries and questions are welcomed. Email: Twitter: @Bankysanya

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Strutting the runway of entrepreneurship

Being an accomplished entrepreneur can only be judged in retrospect. Many ideas and inventions fill the airspace looking for runways to trot on before taking flight. While some struggle at the stage of formation and structuring of the business ideas and plans, many strut the runway but cease to spread their wings and fly. Walking the runway usually starts with stuttering and failing steps, shyness, fear of the unknown that characterize the teething period of starting a business with the myriads of challenges from funding, staffing, production, selling, advertising, competition, having a structure and etc. Gradually comes the boldness and confidence to walk with spine straight, straight gaze, swaying hips even with a stiletto so it is with the smoothening stage of an enterprise’ process.  Starting an enterprise, beginning production or offering of service is a gradual process, with concerted effort, it progressively gains momentum, builds competitive edge, gains profit and ultimately achieves sustainability.
The path of an entrepreneur is laden with so much potentials, opportunities, learning and lessons. It’s never a series of events with a predictable end but a mixed grill of ups and downs, twists and turns, profit and loss, boom and recession. It is important to understand that the period of boom is not the time for sharing the largesse and also embrace the fact that failure or losses is not a sign to call it quit. Having it all under control whichever end of the pendulum it swings and never giving up on one’s idea is not only a sign of maturity but the art of making an enterprise a life.

Having a business idea is the foundation of every enterprise but in reality, having a business idea is never enough! The grave remains the most fertile ground as many ideas die not seeing the light of the day! Business ideas remain the cove through which great enterprises are built. Many times, ideas and businesses go through different stages and different cycles which can involve ideation, starting up, structuring, growth, failure, remodeling, relaunching, it can even involve diversifying, divesting, partnership, collaboration etc. For further reading on life cycle of an enterprise, check Global Community for Advancing Studies in Entrepreneurship

One fact is certain, the whole world is ruled by ideas and enterprises that become success stories today are those whose ideas become known and desirable to replicate.

Comments, contributions, questions and queries are welcomed on the subject matter. Twitter: @Bankysanya

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Build enterprise, don’t start!

The gospel of entrepreneurship seems to be trending with so much hype locally, nationally and globally. It is globally acknowledged that enterprises also known as “start-ups” accounts for a significant portion of most nations’ GDP and as such governmental and non-governmental efforts are being made to drive this growing sector of the economy. 
The concept of entrepreneurship is being applauded globally as a major offer to the myriads of ills that employment and underemployment has caused and still causing in our nation(s). Truth be told, many leading change agents are pushing this frontier to make the youth see potentials and capabilities that they can offer their world if their world cannot offer them much. Secondary and tertiary institutions have introduced entrepreneurial classes in the curriculum while many non-governmental organizations and religious groups are not left out. They have christened it several names ~ empowerment, skill acquisition, poverty alleviation, wealth creation etc. these are all semantics as they basically describe the same concept of entrepreneurship.
Many young folks are cashing in with the absence of jobs in the labour market, the employed are also not left out as they leverage on entrepreneurship to create multiple streams of income. Many income generating ideas spring up every day much more than what Bureau of Statistics and States Internal revenue can capture! Some go as far as learning a vocation from photography, fashion designing, make-up artistry, shoe-making, interior decorations, events decoration, catering, baking, web design and the list is endless while many others buy and sell. One thing marks all these start-ups and entrepreneurial drive; need that is being converted to value!
While this feat of entrepreneurial spirit stands remarkable in many youths, there is also an albatross that plague the youths with a pseudo belief that the other side of the meadow is greener. Have you ever asked someone what they do for a living and they start explaining away that they sell shoe and bags for now while they await jobs that might not come! What happened to “I run a mobile boutique while I look forward to expanding new frontiers in the boutique industry” 
The undoing of our entrepreneurial drive is that we run it out of desperation and more for necessity~ “to be doing something” usually not out of passion! It’s more of ad-hoc while we await the real job in the corporate organizations and the multinationals. And when those jobs don’t come, the morale reaches a point that it stalls and sooner or later fizzles out of the radar of income generation.
The clarion call is to build and grow our own enterprises not just to start enterprises. Key word is build and grow.
Check out this piece that caught my focus; the introduction to Micheal Gerber’s website, the legend of new day entrepreneurship and see his perspective ~ “Welcome to Michael E. Gerber’s website, a place where original thinking is held at a premium, where passion is the key to admission, where entrepreneurship is not just a word, but an action. Take that action with us to become a leader of the new entrepreneur movement in your community. At, we intend to provide you with the insight, processes, passion and tools you will need to make your Dream a reality, your Vision pragmatically correct, your Purpose inspired by meaning, and your Mission to be absolute and direct.”

Comments, contributions, questions and queries are welcomed on the subject matter. Twitter: @Bankysanya

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