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Do you need a miracle?🤔

“We are in the ember months. . .” So I overheard some folks discussing. The dreaded “ember months” in my clime refers to the last four (4) months of the year – September, October, November and December. It is believed that unprecedented events occur and so need for caution. I believe the word “ember” was coined because most of the months end with ’ember’ and the one that does not; October has only a missing letter and seem to flow along.
I tried not to listen to what the discuss was about as it usually promotes fear like the months were expected to be unsafe for any good thing. While I struggle with engaging my thoughts on a more positive thoughts, I stood a mental ground of the many hopes I have for the 3 months, 6 days. Fumbled through my mobile device and saw a beautiful inspiring broadcast – author unknown (quite painful!) It simply made my day!
The article was about miracles and what is at stake. Some miracles in the Bible were chronicled and the extra effort that was required by the recipient of the miracles. From Noah with mastery of measurement; Mary with patience to bear Baby Jesus’ pregnancy for 9 full months and David having skills in ‘darting’ stones and fighting “wild animals”.
I mumbled a prayer for a miracle but these chronicles triggered a new direction for prayers for me:
• Instead of praying for wealth, pray for ideas, capacity & opportunities for wealth.
• Instead of praying for a job, pray for capacity, opportunities & platforms that will gain attraction to employers
• For a source of income? Don’t just pray for a job, pray for ideas, capacity and opportunities.
• Instead of praying for a material need, pray for product, service or ideas that can earn equivalent cost of purchase.
• Instead of praying for good people – as staff, friends, clients, pray that you will become so good and attract good people.
• You need a promotion, pray for distinguishing capacity, effort, ideas and opportunities to your boss and employer.
• You need a spouse, pray to become disciplined, purposeful, loving, forgiving and attractive for a suitor or “suitee” (Lol😎).
• You need resources for a project, pray and search out wisdom, ideas, capacity, selfless people to help implement the project.
• You still need a miracle? Pray for a directed sacrifice for the miracle. . .
Welcome to a new week, pray for your miracle and make the sacrifice for it. .
Have a miraculous week.

~ @Bankysanya
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Olubamike Fadipe September 24, 2018 0 Comments

Build enterprise, don’t start!

The gospel of entrepreneurship seems to be trending with so much hype locally, nationally and globally. It is globally acknowledged that enterprises also known as “start-ups” accounts for a significant portion of most nations’ GDP and as such governmental and non-governmental efforts are being made to drive this growing sector of the economy. 
The concept of entrepreneurship is being applauded globally as a major offer to the myriads of ills that employment and underemployment has caused and still causing in our nation(s). Truth be told, many leading change agents are pushing this frontier to make the youth see potentials and capabilities that they can offer their world if their world cannot offer them much. Secondary and tertiary institutions have introduced entrepreneurial classes in the curriculum while many non-governmental organizations and religious groups are not left out. They have christened it several names ~ empowerment, skill acquisition, poverty alleviation, wealth creation etc. these are all semantics as they basically describe the same concept of entrepreneurship.
Many young folks are cashing in with the absence of jobs in the labour market, the employed are also not left out as they leverage on entrepreneurship to create multiple streams of income. Many income generating ideas spring up every day much more than what Bureau of Statistics and States Internal revenue can capture! Some go as far as learning a vocation from photography, fashion designing, make-up artistry, shoe-making, interior decorations, events decoration, catering, baking, web design and the list is endless while many others buy and sell. One thing marks all these start-ups and entrepreneurial drive; need that is being converted to value!
While this feat of entrepreneurial spirit stands remarkable in many youths, there is also an albatross that plague the youths with a pseudo belief that the other side of the meadow is greener. Have you ever asked someone what they do for a living and they start explaining away that they sell shoe and bags for now while they await jobs that might not come! What happened to “I run a mobile boutique while I look forward to expanding new frontiers in the boutique industry” 
The undoing of our entrepreneurial drive is that we run it out of desperation and more for necessity~ “to be doing something” usually not out of passion! It’s more of ad-hoc while we await the real job in the corporate organizations and the multinationals. And when those jobs don’t come, the morale reaches a point that it stalls and sooner or later fizzles out of the radar of income generation.
The clarion call is to build and grow our own enterprises not just to start enterprises. Key word is build and grow.
Check out this piece that caught my focus; the introduction to Micheal Gerber’s website, the legend of new day entrepreneurship and see his perspective ~ “Welcome to Michael E. Gerber’s website, a place where original thinking is held at a premium, where passion is the key to admission, where entrepreneurship is not just a word, but an action. Take that action with us to become a leader of the new entrepreneur movement in your community. At, we intend to provide you with the insight, processes, passion and tools you will need to make your Dream a reality, your Vision pragmatically correct, your Purpose inspired by meaning, and your Mission to be absolute and direct.”

Comments, contributions, questions and queries are welcomed on the subject matter. Twitter: @Bankysanya

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