June 9, 2015

‘Business’ or ‘Busyness’ series I

“Karakata” is a Yoruba word that literally means ‘to buy and to sell’ all in one breath. It describes the vocation of buying and selling. The two concepts joined together in one word describe industry, economic activity, the world of been busy and a vocation called business. The word ‘business’ /’biz-nes/according to Meriam-Webster dictionary describes the activity of making, buying […]
December 23, 2014

YOU Incorporated for a New year!

Organizations all over the world irrespective of their size, status or staff strength observe the ‘end-of-year rituals’ characterised by meetings, reviews, retreats, trainings and planning. The ‘end-of-year ritual’ involves activities commonly associated with the end of year, this usually starts few months before or in the month of December.  There usually is a hype about the series of events and […]
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