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The month of December gives a characteristic nostalgic feeling and significant of all months of the year: first- it’s the last month of the year, second – one of the most celebrated holidays and season globally is in the month. The air in the Christmas 🎄 season feels so different and unique. All over the world, the season is looked forward to on so many fronts and for many reasons. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ to the Christians but it also means a lot globally. It has gone beyond Christians’ celebration or holiday and has become a time to show love, share so much fun, eat and drink, give to the needy, exchange gifts, family holiday, visit places with folks gaily and beautifully dressed, lightning and 🌟 starry glitters decorations, carol songs and soulful music all over, celebrations every where while different Santa Claus models paint the town red and the list is endless. 

In-between the lines of all these activities laced with religious history and faith inclination is huge economic opportunities and commercial activities with funds flowing from one end to another, in various directions and accross many industries for goods and services that are heavily consumed and patronized in this festive season. Below are some of the common business activities:-

I. The Consumer goods industry sell heavy as consumption increases during the festive season, hampers flying all over the place, homes filled with so much to consume (groceries, consumption and household items) for  all – old and young.
II. The Telecom industry is not left out, all types of calls, SMS, emails, MMS – exchange of pleasantries shoot up drastically as people use the season to share and express love with their loved ones far and near.
III. The Event Management experts are not left out. Events keep rolling in – Christmas parties, end-of-year parties, cocktails, and get-together. Event planners cover all aspects – catering, logistics, music/DJ, rentals etc. are not left out, even the Masters of Ceremony benefit from countless events by  various groups, families, institutions and corporate organizations.
IV. The interior & exterior decoration experts benefit as most folks want beautiful spaces – change of curtain, home painting, beddings, refurnishing and refurbishment of homes, outdoor spaces and offices.
V. The printing market enjoys the peak period of boom – greetings cards, souvenirs, calendars and a whole range of products.
VI. The food & drink supplies industry can not be left out! The season is cooking, baking, catering galore – get together, end-of-year party, cocktail parties. The poultry experts leverage on this seasonal needs to maximize profit.
VII. The transport sector is not left out. People’s mobility rate increases as options of places to visit and cruise, rate of travel shoots up: by road, by air, by waterways.
VIII. A new rapidly growing industry is the gift industry which is being patronized heavily during festive periods. Offering array of gifts options, packaging, labeling, branding and sometime delivery for individuals and corporate organizations.
IX. Fashion design & Tailoring industry is a major hit industry with a huge boom. Everyone old, young, poor, rich patronize this industry not just for clothing or covering but for style, class and elegance.
The list is endless and it goes on and on. One fact is obvious and certain: each industry rises up to meet the specific and peculiar needs created by people’s desires, cravings for the season while huge business deals are sealed and multi-million of dollars and other currencies flow from one direction to the other in exchange for goods and services.
While the pomp and pageantry of the season mixed with glamour and the commercial goldmine in the Christmas season increase, it is important to keep in focus the primary goal of Christmas which is celebrating Christ, sharing and expressing love. 
Go share some love and spread some fun!
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