Communication: Tool For The Future Of Work

August 26, 2019
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November 18, 2019

Imagine you are making a speech to a 1-man team or a 1,000 men

Imagine you are holding a meeting with your 1-man team in your ad-hoc or make-shift office or your world-class office space.

Will the size make a difference in your preparedness and deliver?

Will your tone, your body language, speech be with same level of preparedness?

Will you speak to a 1-man team with same intensity and coherence like you will speak when you have the dream 1,000 men team?

Will you speak to a 1-man team with same diligence, passion and clarity without a microphone and a decorated dais like you will speak when you have the dream 1,000 men team or gathering?

Every opportunity to speak with a friend, colleague, boss, supervisor, subordinates, team members, even online post; you are passing accross important cues and messages about you, who you represent and what you stand for. You are also selling your dream and yourself to others.

It doesn’t matter whether its over a cup of coffee or in the boardroom delivering a pitch; one person or to a crowd. It all counts and it adds up.

Communication will be effective when you combine :-






As you communicate with your world: team members, clients and friends this week; Seek to influence, inspire and motivate in all you do: –
🎯 WHAT you communicate?
🎯 HOW you communicate?
🎯 WHEN you communicate
🎯 WHERE you communicate?

The picture of a future or a situation well articulated in words, well written, spoken and acted out is a big deal and just like a prophecy… it comes through when acted out.

Businesses and groups will be better if owners and leaders across cadre communicate appropriately, correctly, directly and timely.

I believe every opportunity counts and you might not have a second chance to push forward your best foot!

So make every chance count!

✍With Love ✍

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