Daily Drucker: Converting Strategic Plans to Action
March 13, 2018
The River called Forward
March 30, 2018
The Daily Drucker Series post has finally come to a close for now. Many folks have asked me if I’m ‘drunk on Drucker’, sounds lyrical though. Perhaps I am. I will do a quick recap of my experience with the Hack-book posts, the feedback, the impressions from analytics of the posts on all our social media points.
*Please, note the impressions stated below are strictly personal opinion.
First: It is observable that everyone likes the mention of successful names which includes – Peter Drucker, known for something landmark in management.
Second: Most people appreciates intellectual discuss and knowledge at a certain level.
Third: Many people get bored seeing the same concept everytime no matter how important and beneficial it is, monotony dulls it out and reduces perceived value.
Fourth: Some people felt a disconnect with the fact that the author of the Daily post isn’t African, and not in African context. It was also opined that the content of Daily Drucker might not be so applicable to this clime especially Nigeria. However, I differ on this; Success, Excellence and almost all positive values are governed by same principles irrespective of race, gender, colour of skin or geographical location
Fifth: Many people like free things, they even don’t mind all the pages scanned on the blog for free. My copy is available for loan for a token 😎(Yes, Library business!). (Order your copy on amazon – Daily Drucker purchase on Amazon)

Sixth: The exercise gave me opportunity to share knowledge on social media consistently over a period of time. It was also an opportunity to exercise my “consistency muscle” on blogging. Learning to try new things with grit. 

This is rather on a lighter note, a friend of mine posted a very educating and inspiring video on her social media handle and she lamented bitterly how in less than 48 hours, the video views was already over a thousand, only one not click of like while on days she posts pictures of fashoinable self, she would have gotten a thousand clicks of like. As unpleasant as that may sound, its the reality of who we are which is far apart from who we need to become as a people with continuous learning culture. We need to be hungry for knowledge.
I’ll conclude with Steve Jobs commencement address to the 2005 Stanford University set STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH

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