Cracking The Career Versus Business Code
August 19, 2019
Communication: Tool For The Future Of Work
September 23, 2019

Many of us can identify expired food, drugs and other household items, asides that, what other expired items can we identify?! Can we see any other thing when expiring including ourselves?😜

Products have fixed date, do humans expire?

Truth is everything has capacity to expire! Even humans!

In humans, when a part of the body is not used regularly and exercised, that part becomes flaccid, loose life, tone, vigor, strength, reduces in size, muscle and in weight.

How about skills then? An unused skill loses relevance.

Skills are like the digital applications consistently requiring being applied and being updated. On updates, that’s absolutely at the speed of light. What you thought was relevant last year is fast becoming outdated and if not updated, will soon become out-of-style.

Our digital devices take us through this everyday: Existing applications on mobile will periodically require renewal or updates. Failure to update on some mobile devices will start giving error feedback, hitches and glitches, sometimes a total shutdown. The communication of the error feedback and glitches is simply that your usage has expired.

In every aspect and sphere of life, rapid changes occur consistently. Before you open your eyes and close, there is an addition, new ideas, new design, new gadgets, products, innovation, improvement, a technology, style another twist introduced to what was familiar. What you think is the best today with so much hype will soon become expired and out of fashion. The reason why continuous exposure, training and retraining is essential for “personal software updates”.
Whether you are a career pro or business guru, regular updates is a MUST.

Find here;
Tips for regular “software updates”

  • Have a great network to connect to: identify the PEOPLE WHO ALREADY KNOWS what you need to learn.
  • Schedule a day of searching out new trends and ideas, DELIBERATE KNOWLEDGE SEARCH (beginning of a new week or a new month is recommended.)
  • Build an open attitude towards learning: LEARN HOW TO LEARN.
  • When you hear about unfamiliar concepts, ASK QUESTIONS.
  • Keep on REPEAT MODE.

Make consistent effort not to expire!

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