Eating your cake and having it!

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June 30, 2016
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July 23, 2016
Today’s world is marked by high level of ambition, hyper activity, desire for achievement and low level of contentment. We all want to have the best of every good thing in life, when we want them and how we want them. We want to have more than enough to spend on ourselves and of course on vanities. We want to have good jobs, great career, sustainable riches and wealth, build mansions and farmhouses, build healthy relationships, have beautiful homes with lovely and well groomed children with beautiful future, also help the needy. All these things seem like great needs and very desirable; having all seemingly connote good life while sometimes having only some of the goodies might seem more practical and feasible. 
The point of concern then is how fulfilling can living be without these goodies of life ~ riches and wealth, jobs, relationships and family? Is it a loss to drive and hope for all? Should one of the needs be fulfilled and another need excluded? 
Human needs are insatiable like a vicious cycle. Fulfillment of one need helps fulfillment of other needs. One need met gives capacity to meet greater needs and yet has potential to create another need and so the cycle continues.
My lifelong questions and pondering on this have been the following ~ 
I. Is it possible for an individual to have all these goodies together – good jobs, great riches and wealth, mansions and farmhouses, healthy relationships, beautiful homes, lovely & groomed children. 
II. Which of the goodies can you do without? 
II. If possible to have it all, then how? 
III. Shouldn’t I rather keep up hope and energy to have it all? 
IV. Wouldn’t I rather pursue having it all? 
V. Wouldn’t I rather eat my cake and still have it?
Right now, I’m imagining a piece of cake and my active desire to retain and sustain the sweetness without finishing the piece! 
Put yourself  in the midst of all these needs and think about your best and most energetic response(s). 

Can you dare to eat your cake and still have it? Can you dare to have it all?

Olubamike Fadipe is a writer with a passion to inspire, impact and motivate.
Twitter: @Bankysanya
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