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The River called Forward
March 30, 2018
The Fuss of the First. . .
April 16, 2018
In this part of the world, Sundays remind you of preparation for the week and clearly suggests to many the need to be productive. I remember as a child, that weekend ends immedately after church service on Sundays as every activity thereafter is geared towards making the new week productive and a smooth sail. From laundry sorting to activity planning, much of which was reading scheduling and books sorting. Now as a grown lady, the little girl systems ingrained by my parent remained the modus operandi for ease of life. The activities are still similar in context at higher levels, laundry and domestic sorting and planning are sure lifelines while planning and scheduling of activity is the way to go.
Sundays sometimes can be tough to part with  as that heralds the day called MONDAY. It can be a dread when the internal systems and external systems are not at peace and the week’s activities seem like a drudgery. When waking up and starting the day seems a burden and you need truckload reasons to face the day. 
The tough truth is that “Monday phobia” is a disease that shows itself in general malaise, low energy and sometimes helplessness at the thought of a new week. The disease has the potential to kill energy, drive, hopes, dreams, can kill the present and the future. The disease is all over the place, old and young, rich and poor living with it, it is a disease to overcome. 
The Japanese ikigai (生き甲斐 pronounced Ick-ee-guy) comes to mind as an antidote. It is a concept that means a reason for being. A reason to wake up and jump out of bed, a reason to do and a reason to be. It is a force that pushes to make a fuss on life. 
Achieving that as an outcome is not so fast though, it comes from a jouney with self from the past, into the present and towards the future. 
Self awareness, discovery and self exploration.
I dare say be “ikigaid” for this new week. Be aware, discover and explore. Have a really productive and fun week.
Pic. CreditIkigai (Google)
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