The race for life
February 4, 2018
Daily Drucker: The Change Leader
March 1, 2018
Family is the smallest unit of a group of people related by blood.  .  . (remember social studies class)😎. But this is not about social studies, this is a thought about ‘life studies’.
Family can be described with variety of words – cluster, unit, team, group and the list goes on and on. The idea of family was all God’s idea and design. He created it and as the last set of creation. He created it uniquely so without a universal form or shape but a universal principle . . . 
And now in our hustle and bustle and our civilization we chip at the most fundamental design of God – family. We recreate different styles, modes and ways of belongingness. We focus on issues and imperfections and create bridges around ourselves.
Even the first family wasn’t perfect but that did not deter or change God’s principle and idea. Our families might not be perfect, yet we need to keep the bond of love active and alive.
The best time you will know who and where you really belong is when the sea of life gets stormy. Then you will know people who have choices when it comes to you or people who do not have. 
Appreciate your family irrespective of the differences, status, dimension, form, imperfections and views.
Happy Valentine to our families. Spread love to your family this valentine.
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