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August 30, 2014
Bringing leadership home. . .
October 1, 2014
The last article focused on encouraging the drive to start something creative, productive and positive. The excuses for procrastination applies to majority- old or young, male or female. These excuses are typical and unending and we easily find logical sequence of well thought-out reasons not to take a step perceived as desirable. Maintaining a state of rest comes natural, it does not require any form of expansion or contraction, no shift in space and time nor transition from comfort zones to unfamiliar, risky terrains. 
For any venture, project or ideas, a degree of potential opportunities, abilities and energy is required while an impetus, drive, liquid or flow of directed energy is required to drive the potential and give expression to the innate abilities. The latent energy is same as existing abilities and abilities that are hidden. These abilities require been identified first and seen as what it is – potentials, a step further on potentials is exploring, honing skills and improvement on existing abilities. 
It is a general saying that the grave is the most fertile ground as it is filled with many who died locked up under Mother Earth with tonnes of ‘what’ they could have become. Potential left untapped is a lost opportunity cost; lost cost of what could have been and abilities that could have been  converted to gain/profit. In many folks today, we have tonnes of potential and latent energy filled with untapped opportunities waiting to be explored and hidden under myriads of excuses. Excuses are usually intelligent but almost always not profitable as they leave those potentials and forms of energy permanently in an unexpressible form. Excuses like ~”Not done this before”, “What if I fail”?, “What if the idea is not viable”? “What if I was wrong”? “What if I loose all”? 
For these endless questions, rather than leave the questions unanswered, it is better to be on the curious lane by inquisitively seeking fair responses and putting self on the reverse lane which will eventually lead to the action-base lane. And so in my crude version, I’ll rather respond to the questions in this mode- 
“Not done this before” ~ So why not try now! There is always a first time!
“What if I fail?” ~ And what if you do not? 50:50 right, Then it’s a gain!
“What if the idea is not viable?” ~ And what if the idea is? Do you lose or you gain?
“What if I was wrong?” ~ And what if you are right?
“What if I loose all?” ~ And what if you don’t loose all? Or loose any at all?
The truth is life and our existence itself is probabilistic i.e. 50:50, daily living is filled with such probabilistic models. For example, why should we close our eyes to sleep at night? What is the assurance that we will wake up next morning? We seem to have a hope on such things typically applying an air of religiosity, yet it is difficult to stretch the same hope further on our aspirations, ambitions and ideas. On this note, I charge that on any idea, venture or project; hope, faith and energy should be expended on what is – what exists to achieve what can be.
I submit on this note: “That it is better to crawl than being static, better to walk than to crawl and better to fly than to walk; One common denominator, just keep attempting all forms of motion” ~ ‘BF
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