Slavery Or Childhood
May 28, 2018
Lifecycle of Style
June 8, 2018

“Say no to good things to make room for the great things.”
I stumbled on this and it resonated with me. It first threw me into imagination before it sank. You have to drop the good to embrace the great. Many times we romance the good because it is accessible and available and that is all we have seen and known. Sometimes, it is even that we have chosen to feel good with what is available and we end up feeling good with what we have.
It is shocking to know that good and great are not allies, infact they are competitors! They are at loggerheads with each other. You can’t have the two at the same time; you can only choose one and have one per time!
The good has a way of rubbing on your feelings, making you feel just as the name sounds- good! And that feeling fills all the pores of desire to look for “the great”. If you get too familiar with the good or the very good, you will get satisfied and “The good will colour the desire for the great”
The first half of the year is gone, the remaining half is loading. Time is ticking and life is shortening with every tick of time. Your thoughts and the decisions you make from them counts.
Consider and choose ye this day on the points listed below – Good or Great?
What you do
What you give
What you accept
What you aspire to
Who you give access to in your life
Who to lead you
Your thoughts, desires and choices are all interwoven and at the end of the day it all counts.
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