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June 10, 2019
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June 24, 2019

I always find myself in emotional conversations with gainfully employed folks who seem tired, stalled or frustrated seeking different or greener pastures. To folks outside, their job is the dream job while to them, it’s no longer the dream job, it has become a chore and no longer meeting their current needs. It can be tough seeing people who have earned accolades and respect on one aspect of life suddenly feeling dissatisfied and helpless on another plane. They feel nothing short of unsuccessful until they are able to crack the transition.

Success then seems like the next thing to lay hold on asides every other thing achieved irrespective of the size. We unconsciously assume that success has a particular look🤔. We expect success to be universal, to be what is familiar, we desire success to happen for us as it happened for other people we have seen, just like it is for our friends, siblings, mentors, colleagues and it keeps disappointing us!!

For most people, success is believed to be hidden in greener pasture while for some others, all they need is a different pasture. The path of seeking and desiring bigger and greater things can be as daunting and as scary. You become restless, uncomfortable and sometimes helpless until there is a way out.

Food for thought today;
The long-awaited success, is it a destination or a journey?

Is it a like a cloak to wear or a covering to cover self with?

Is your next greener or different pasture really the next success?

What’s your next success level?

And the next question: will you identify success the day you finally meet it?

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments below 👇

✍With Love ✍
~ Olubamike


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