Welcome to October
October 1, 2016
Learning Up and Down
October 15, 2016
I got loads of picture today celebrating Teachers Day and the one that tickles my fancy most is the one with this caption:~ “The best Teachers teach from the heart,not from the books”So, I decided to post this tribute to all the teachers in my life no matter how late the time is, better late than never!
Many invaluable treasures in life are appreciated in retrospect. You appreciate the resources and people that has lined your pathway long after you’ve had them and you have been able to draw up an upward looking graph and connect with many positive links. Many times in life we only appreciate great people long after they’ve been in existence in our lives. One of such to be appreciated on a day like this is a people that we’ve all encountered at one point in time of life or the other. 
At every level or social status, whether formal or vocational schools, primary, secondary or tertiary or even the workshop by the roadside, most of us have benefited from the magnanimity and the “other side” of teachers. The magnanimity been their aptness, their depth, effort, passion and the strength of their skills while their “other side” is the toughness that seem to always be an ally! 
The privilege of been raised by my first teacher – my mother, a teacher of teachers and a teacher per excellence afforded me this opportunity for reminiscences, a lot of throwback motion pictures in my mind and deep thoughts on a day like this. While I can confess that I didn’t grow up being this appreciative, I can say I have stored up so much appreciation to start letting out and that’s the essence of this tribute.
As a mother, oscillating and trying to adapt to follow up teaching for every grade, I can say it’s not a mincemeat! It feels more like I’m meant to install all-in-one encyclopedia, dictionary, all the textbooks and Google application in my mind! Having also become an occasional teacher by providence, I can say it’s a tall order to keep learning and to keep teaching as the cycle goes on and on. It takes a lot of gut, grit, energy, passion, time and many other resources to stand in front of a class with confidence, content and coherence all at the same time transmitting hope on the subject matter no matter how difficult. It takes a heart that seeks to know and learn to transmit same knowledge as you can’t give what you don’t have.
To every gem 💎 who has taught me at one point in time of my life or the other – from primary, secondary, graduate, postgraduate, in and out of school, on-the-job and out-of-job, career and vocational, I salute and express my high regard for your commitment, effort, energy, gut, grit, passion, sacrifice, time, zeal, zest, and a part of your life that you shared effortlessly and ceaselessly! I say a huge Thank you, Arigato, Danke, Merci, Gracias, Munchos, Obrigado!


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