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April 16, 2014
In the spirit of Easter.
April 19, 2014

Declaration of public holidays to workers is quite similar to holiday break for secondary school students who jump all and about with excitement. The excitement is usually in anticipation of a break from work or reduced workload for some folks. There is even the weekend slogan “TGIF” – Thank God It’s Friday! sounding more like ~ Thank God I’m Free. . . Which is more like an every week thing. 

There are different perspectives to this excitement; some school of thought attach this ‘holiday-holic’ to a degree of being laid back while some term it as opportunity to have a deserving rest. Some argue that if a job is fulfilling and engaging enough, being away from the workplace will not be filled with so much excitement. The latter school of thoughts (oftentimes the workers themselves) on the other hand justify their need for rest from their work schedules and the demand that commuting to and fro work puts on them and other aspects of life.
But then, I’ll ask shouldn’t one be excited to have ones time and uninterrupted schedule for oneself without the thought of work even if I love my job and I enjoy what I do? Anyway, that’s food for thought as the Easter break starts. Meanwhile, never forget to remember to enjoy yourself with your family and friends in this season. May the joy and peace of the season fill our hearts. Happy Easter!
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