Happy Children’s Day!
May 27, 2016
Eating your cake and having it!
July 14, 2016
June is over, another month gone again! 
Not just another month but half year. Where was I heading and where am I now? What have I been doing? How have I faired are the questions that whirl round an eager soul sometimes with palpitations. As the calendar ticks away, age is also ticking; hopes, aspirations, dreams and visions stand as dire still waiting to be rolled out in pomp and pageantry and still awaiting the D-day that it shall come to pass.
Dreams keep alive as long as we want them to, they stay active as passionately as we want them to. But then, we are all at one point in time or the other faced with aspirations that seem like it will never be, when there is drive but no motion. The temptation to throw in the towel and quit can be inviting while the rewards too can be equally depressing.
Challenges and tough life situations abound and as much as its not easy, it shouldn’t also be a destination – don’t settle in! When going through rough patch in life, embrace self, identify present situation, visualize the desirable destination, identify required help and alternatives, locate a superior voice. In life, we all need that superior voice that advises, instructs, inspires, motivates and holds accountable and it’s important to identify it early in whatever form it presents ~ a coach, a friend, a buddy, a relative, a spouse who seem to be on one’s case relentlessly.
Make a decision to make the next half year the best it can ever be. Make it the most remarkable and the most desirable time of your life. Be deliberate in thoughts and actions. Hop on the most memorable season of your life.
Don’t give up on your dreams, keep dreaming, dreaming is living. 
Keep hope against hope, keep working. 
Never forget to always remember that when there’s life, there’s hope. 
Keep hopping on hope!


Olubamike Fadipe is a writer with a passion to inspire, impact and motivate.


Email: bankysanya@gmail.com                   


Twitter: @Bankysanya
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