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August 1, 2019
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August 19, 2019

Attitude Of Learning

The attitude towards knowledge expresses itself in our daily actions, disposition, habits and lifestyle. It shows up in our conversations and interactions. Sometimes, the gap of what needs to be learnt seems so wide especially in the highly dynamic and disruptive world where technology seems to be overriding all that we need to do and we can feel the pulse in our results. There is a danger of being left behind and a palpable ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ sometimes mixed with ego, when this gets prolonged and there is no effort to catch up, people resign and design apathy, indifference and ‘it doesn’t matter’ as coping skills. What you need to know remains and deepens to eternity until you begin to get curious and take up learning as a lifestyle!
You don’t realize how much you don’t know until you meet someone who knows. I had a conversation with someone last week and I ended the conversation feeling like a dullard… wondering how my thinking faculty seemingly faced another direction! It was a fair challenge for me and I concluded I’ll be needing regular shots of that.
In life, we pay for what we don’t know irrespective of how common the knowledge is, if you don’t have it, it’s gold to you and you have to give an exchange for it. You either invest yourself in searching out and learning (that might be slow) or you pay someone to teach you (the shortest and fastest).
Some doors and ideas will never open, Some people will remain incognito to us and we will never learn if we remain in the I don’t know Island! While we bask in the status quo and stay with what we have always known and who we have always been, truth is that’s how a lake is, one becomes helpless and stuck in the mud! 🤦‍♀️
The phrase ‘I don’t know’ is fast becoming an offence!
Personally, I have barred my children from saying that phrase; it locks up creativity, shuts up every attempt to discover or unravel and shuts down the natural instinct of curiosity that we were designed with. Please make a decision never to use that phrase!
Here are a few tips to help build an attitude of learning.
5 Tips To Building An Attitude of Learning:
• Never say I don’t know!!
• Replace with Let Me Find Out
• Use Google
• Build A Habit of Asking
Share New Knowledge with others.

✍With Love ✍

~ Olubamike (Bankysanya™)

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