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June 10, 2014
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July 1, 2014

Colors and children seem like a good complement. Teaching aids have to be bright and in full color range to achieve its primary purpose of teaching. And so we have colors in varying range ~ primary and secondary and they connote different meanings to children. It seems logical to describe tangible things in colors, objects that you can feel and touch, and then the colors become the adjective for description. It then is a feat to have intangible parts and activities of humans described in colors especially an invisible, unfathomable part of the humans ~ the human brain.

Dr. Hillman’s color description of human brain.

While, it is amusing to describe the human brain activities in colors, it’s more intriguing that the colors connotes level of energy and activity. Blue color like many other cool colors connotes calmness, peace, predictability, serenity, while orange with its brightness and intensity connotes warmth, energy, brightness, vibrant and stimulating. 

Amazingly, this color code also has a way of influencing certain codes of activities in the workplace. The next time you see a color that strikes you, think of it more in the light of how it charges you up and your emotional and energy levels.

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