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May 6, 2019
Quit The Blame Game 🎯
May 27, 2019

In my years of recruiting, interacting with people and helping people to build career, I have met with quite a number of talented and smart people. For many, I just shrug it off and move on to the next while to some I connect and sincerely wish I could help. I have walked same path myself and with loved ones, it is a walk for the bold. I feel restless every time I see strong and smart folks unemployed and I see them daily in their numbers, but I have never wept.

But I wept this fateful Friday night. I was at a park and I saw this young, smart and talented guy display a sport using his mouth to lift heavy objects and staying his balance rolling a tray; he lifted a ladder, table, chair with his mouth for real!! .. I thought that was a great sport, I clapped and just imagined people should give him token as everyone clapped with so much excitement. I was wrong! !

After a few hours of lifting and sporting, he must have been tired and the park was already winding down their activities, people trooping out in trickles; I got curious and trailed him, I saw him move into a corner dejected and trying to scout for a meal, further interaction revealed he didn’t make a dime and he didn’t have anything to eat! I couldn’t hold back hot tears that streamed down my cheeks. . . So for all the effort, nothing for real! I succeeded in hiding my tears in the dark but my voice betrayed me and I had to keep quiet. I felt relieved that we were able to give him a token but I still felt so much tug. . . What happens to him now, tomorrow and the future? This still lingers in my mind as I write this and my heart still feels same tug. I really would love to help him.

Here are the lessons I learnt:
▪︎ Excitement, likes, hailing is not enough reward.

▪︎ Talent is not enough to answer the questions of the future. There has to be more.

▪︎ Talent that doesn’t meet people’s needs will not be seen as value and thus not earn money. 🎯✍

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