Strutting the runway of entrepreneurship
July 1, 2014
A token for a help.
August 30, 2014
A Mexican adage says “Poco a poco les andan lejos”. This means little by little, we travel far. The journey of a thousand miles will always begin with a first stride and a first attempt. Any venture whatsoever starts with a trial, a testing of ground or a pilot trial. The first step of any project and venture involves a degree of trial and error, this gives room for discovery of error in projections, calculations, design. The errors discovered becomes the platform for continuous improvement in the project or the design. It is important to be bold enough to face this reality of imperfection and marry it with desire. 

Ideas that will work or thrive don’t usually look all finished and well cut out, sometimes with bleak future, sometimes crazy and illogical! The 21st century has witnessed inflow of phenomenal ideas and innovations that at their inception seemed like an impossible miracle but today, they are ideas that have outlived the pioneer and has been continuously improved with newest designs been very far from the initial concept. 

This mantra ~ “ideas rule the world” can look like a fluke. One should ask this mind-boggling question, how will an idea rule the world and how will one know the type of ideas that will stand out? Truthfully, every idea looks brilliant to the author but until it is tested, proven and applied on its own merit and relevance. Ideas in the 21st century is beyond a thought or product of imagination, it’s not a brain wave neither is it a mind tour! It is a translation of thoughts and imaginations into tangible measurable value. It is a pictorial expression of a compelling creation, a logical and practical description of abstract value.

Every item of value – product or service that we see is the by-product of an idea. Creating an idea can be to innovate or to imitate; creation of products and services can be to create from scratch what did not exist, to recreate what exists and join the bandwagon of competition or recreate, improve or disrupt what exists and give room for a new invention.

Many brilliant ideas and views have been clouded with prevailing negativity, unpalatable vibes and sad stories littering the whole clime, the fear of competition threatens new ideas. The tales of failed businesses, ventures, projects and designs solicited and unsolicited are far too many! Some fail almost as they start, some others fail after a few years from inception while many more fail due to disaster or demise of the owner. Despite all these, a few ideas and enterprises strive to survive maintaining their purpose of existence with resilience and survival. While we can celebrate the present day ideas, many more resulting in new products and services will still spring up. If your ideas can’t serve today’s purpose, they can be targeted at tomorrow’s purpose. Idea has character, dimensions, emotions, value and it has it’s seasons. It is a tangible currency for success. 
You never know which idea will break the springboard and catapult to limelight, fulfillment and profit, so keep churning it out, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up!

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