Independence Versus Freedom

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September 24, 2018
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October 9, 2018

Welcome to October, a new month, a new quarter, a new week and Nigeria’s birthday. I shared earlier my musing on my social media page on the subject of independence and freedom and this whole inspiration came from a mother and daughter interaction. The lass having become independent, yet not free concept came clear as I put side by side with my beloved country – Nigeria. Independence and freedom: I have rolled the content, context and concepts over and over and I have asked – are they not meant to be synonyms? Thought they were?🤔😲

Independence was “given” to Nigeria as declared by the higher authority of the British empire some Fifty-Eight years ago. Alas, the independence has not translated to freedom; the strong nation is still to be helped by her seniors in countryhood. . . financially, intellectually, militarily, materially. The strong black nation still has to be guided with ready help as often as possible. Independent but not free?! What an irony?!

Independence is a relative description taking its expression from the specific giver’s point of view not necessarily the receiver or beneficiary. Its defined by an event or occassion (which we now celebrate annually), also by the space, dimension and authority granted by the “seniors” or authority. Is it then a gift? Or reward? When you gain independence, does it amount to freedom too?

Freedom on the other hand is a personal walk, it is a journey not a destination nor an event. It starts first from a restless mindset, transmitted to many others with a huge sacrifice to pay. Gradually starts yielding results and starts to reflect in lifestyle. Questions: Is freedom a gift or a reward? Is it given or taken? Who gives freedom? What does it demand?
These certainly are my views on these two concepts, don’t bother @google or @mirriamwebsters.

My beloved country’s (Nigeria) escapade with independence seems to limit its daunting desired freedom. Are we truly free? Can we be free? Do we have what it takes to be free? Here is what Freedom means to me: –

The Freedom Agenda

Freedom to be African
Freedom to be humane
Freedom to be noble
Freedom to be sane
Freedom to be whole
Freedom to be true to self Freedom to lead self Freedom to build self
Freedom to value and have value
Freedom to be diverse, yet complete
Freedom to truly be independent😎

May we truly have the courage and freedom to build our long awaited freedom.

In the spirit of patriotism, I still say Happy Independence to Nigeria.
Happy 58 years to Nigeria.

Feel free to share and put in your thoughts here.

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