Self Leadership Vs Self Government
February 25, 2019
The Waiting Zone
March 11, 2019

Couple of years ago in Nigeria, it was an offence to have an alternative livelihood or side business as a civil servant. Here we are years down the line the space is fast changing with many registered businesses for contract and other needs. Entrepreneurship is becoming a fad; everyone wants to own, start or run a business or something by the side which is a plus for our economy. More and more of these businesses are needed as the dearth employment and scarcity of job is still a stark reality.

The narrative of going to school in order to get a good livelihood is fast becoming a fable with endless wait and timeless hope on what should be, this can be frustrating for stakeholders – family and friends.

Here is the catch, desperate malady requires desperate medicine. Drastic steps to take is to get to ground zero in the mind’s eye, act like you don’t have a degree and you dont have anything or anyone. . . until we drive ourselves to the point of not having options, we will still be dependent and hopeful on someone. If you ever get caught under water, the first thing to do is to find a way to breathe first!

Two major enemies of the young people and our society are EGO and SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT. Family and friends also do not help matters as they readily offer their pressure, opinions on perception which are oftentimes illusions. I always like to share my story: I remember picking up the first available offer after NYSC having ditched one juicy one by saying my plans and desires as they were! The offer was as a front desk officer in a church: this didn’t go down well with everyone around me! They all felt the job was not befitting for a graduate – frontdesk job and a church.. see combination and that I should look for something better. I simply told them to let me know when they get a better offer for me. It wasn’t rosy having my way but I stood on my will to embrace opportunities as they come no matter how little. And I honestly didn’t care about ego!

Before you complain what someone didn’t do or should have done, what have you done for yourself and what are you doing for yourself? You are the architect and the only one who owes you the future you see in your mind’s eye, so write your story. Right after writing, do your story!!

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