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April 22, 2017
Welcome to 2018
January 1, 2018
Forward in life means different things to different people, gives different stance to different folks. For some, its promotion at work, for some its a new house, for some, a new car, for some, a new business idea and for some a new opportunity, a new spouse or a new gift!
An intense view of these pictures will show different views. Imagine if the instruction to all folks in this layout was #Leanforward and check the aftermath of all postures.
Photo credit: shutterstock
Think about this little blonde’s idea of forward being flexing forward facing downwards, hands locked up and catching fun! 
The lady in red’s idea is definitely a freestyling pose for a shoot, yet leaning forward in an unusual way. 
The middle aged man’s idea of forward is a serious business-like posture similar to negotiating stance or attempting gaining grounds in an interview.
While the lady with the gorgeous smile is probably welcoming her forward with the warmth of a smile. 
In life there is no award for who went forward first or who did what first and so no competition in the concept of forward or how far gone forward it is. Every man’s forward is his posture and his progress. Forward for one might be a promotion, to another it might be new house, new spouse, new ideas, new oppprtunities,  new car, new home and the list goes on. . .
The goal is to catch a breath, think forward, act forward, say forward, lean forward and just keep staying forward.
#LeanForward #StayForward
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