Happy Teachers’ Day
October 5, 2016
Value points of life
October 23, 2016

Becoming old is something that is perceived to come with a level of consciousness especially when in contact with folks in the younger category. The old sends out serious vibes while the youth simply catches fun! The instinct to generate and let out the sense of being more or having more on many fronts is as innate as societal. The higher the age difference, the more the demand on rights with palpable air of superiority.

The pattern of drawing barriers between old and young has created endless stereotypes of how interactions should be, roles and rules on what should be, it even fixed the old to be the guide for the young in most facets of life! This order endows the older with so much authority and rights to pass irrevocable judgments on the younger. This arrangement fixates the older leaving them stuck in the familiar, old order, norm and way of life passed down to them from their own superiors. The burden of responsibility on the older often remains for long added to the endless cries of becoming a model and an example in household. All of these often put the older in a position to act in a given mold and prove superior while the younger ones just like to have it adventurous, fun, real, trendy and fabulous. While these trends obtain in families, it’s not left out in other platforms of human interaction.
I have younger ones who continuously and tirelessly challenge me and keep me update on many aspect of life that I would naturally have been secluded from if not for them. Their pep has always been an encouragement to me! what will life be without them! I once attended a training geared at building my lifelong passion (exactly what I’m doing here – writing) facilitated by a young lady and a pretty soul – Adedoyin Jaiyesimi of Sparkle Writers Hub, I left the training feeling the training was worth a lot more than the fee! I felt as much as I would feel in any professional training classes as this young lady shared her wealth of knowledge, experience and opportunities; the momentary thoughts in my head was – damn! Where have I been? I couldn’t but acknowledge that knowing has nothing to do with age! I dare say I’m learning a great deal from many of these youths who make life go round.
It’s amazing how the cycle is rapidly changing, altering the course and direction of knowledge, expertise and competence clouded in technology. We have learnt traditionally from up to down (i.e. older to younger) for too long, the trend is fast becoming down to up (younger to older). The infrastructure that will back up future tasks, skills and competence are hidden in the youths of this generation and their strengths. I’ll agree they often need direction and some molding but I bet they’ve got so much to offer in terms of creative energy, innovation and thinking out of the box, they’re quite fearless and they’ve got gut! They won’t hesitate to turn the world around. The latest technology of running things is their hobby. 
The next time you have a project or a drive consider the perspective of a younger individual and be willing to submit to superior ideas. Learning from these ones is fluid, dynamic, more of an adventurous journey usually without barriers and without stereotypes. They consider the easiest, shortest and fun means of getting around a difficult task and they bask in understanding the latest trend of things.
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