Life: A pen on paper

Walking tough on the rough patch
November 25, 2016
The making of the new year.
December 30, 2016
Life has a way of giving one refresher courses so we can be reminded of its irreplaceable value, many opportunities to value life over and over again fly around us in our daily lives.
Life is the reason why we get up and down, it’s the reason for all the hustle and bustle, the reason for the innumerable goals and visions. It’s the reason why emotions both positive and negative exist, it’s because there is life, that’s why we can identify a season or a phase no matter how extreme or negative and that’s what makes tomorrow viable. 
A thousand inspirational talks and a million motivational speeches can jerk up and turn around a life in safe mode or a life taking left turn but cannot bring lifeless mode back neither can it add any value or iota of breath. Everything in life stays still, quiet and serene after that phase. The agility, vibes and flow of energy when there is life makes all the appearances we have when we have breath seem like an dynamic machine designed to function forever! 
Sleeping and waking up seem like a predictable cycle because we have hope and breath in concurrent sync. We easily take for granted the few privileges that we got freely. The gust, the zest, the dreams, the goals, the vision and the hopes that seemed like all to live for remains only relevant when the most important asset- life is intact and breath flows without any aid.
This year has earned so much tags and names describing the various challenges faced nationally and globally which in uncountable ways trickled down to individual lives, despite that something sure lies ahead that is yet to unfold and hoping for the best is just the sane thing to do. The year keeps ticking and passing by and by! Suddenly, the November that began stealthily has come and is exiting already. The month of December arrives in the usual elegant and flamboyant entry accompanied with the seasonal nostalgia. 
You’re first alive before your dreams and visions. Your vision and dreams are like pen on a paper, you need paper to make a pen fulfill it’s purpose. Before you start counting all that came through and all the others that are on pending list, all the could-haves and the should-haves, pause and consider the essence of it all with gratitude and serenity.
Life’s worth living despite all.
Welcome to December.
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