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May 29, 2018
Style, Trend and Economy
July 30, 2018

Somehow, trends and style just keeps going in cycles replaying same acts and scenes of life with different props and costumes. Ranging from clothing to hairstyles. Each generation gives a name but the concept and style keeps recycling itself. The ‘Bonfos’ became ‘mini’ while ‘bootcut’ and ‘coulots’ never really expired. The hairstyle kept evolving, from natural Afro to permed, weaves, human hair and back to natural hair if different shades.

A flashback to my early teenage years and adulthood – university days, all I had was my kinky, innocent look with plaits, weaves, a nerd look with plain face and tiny rings on the ear while almost all my friends had permed hair, fixed weaves and braided hair and all. My hairstyle was quite unpopular and untrendy, affordable but definitely not fashionable. Initially, it was tough looking around me and finding only one friend with the nerd look and we happen to bear same name! I desired my friends’ attractive hairstyles and looks so badly as against my kinky look which was unpopular and not so fab. My look was even linked with the look of certain religious group then- SU, but then I was helpless at the time. I accepted fate and moved on, I got to the point where my hairstyle stopped being an issue of concern and then the appointed time came.

Over the years, I have permed, braided, fixed human and non-human hair and In the last one year, I took a step to turn my hair back to same kinky and natural look – “Naturalista”. This was out of boredom, wanting to try again and needing streams of water over my hair. It was quite amusing desiring change in the opposite directions decades after. I got a handful of feedback of joining the trending natural hair styles and look. The “joining” part made me chuckle each time as it was certain those folks don’t know where I am coming from. As mundane as this hair story might sound, trends and “sense of belonging” are vital part of our daily living as we make decisions that impact on our survival, perception, competitiveness, economy and actualisation. I have since realized how much the choice of hairstyle and look could relate to life and daily living. have lessons I have learnt that I will like to share.

Today, the “Naturalista” hair world is worth multi-million Naira industry! See what the industry has got to offer in terms of products range and services and jobs it is creating everyday. The many things we embrace as fashion, style and trend today are usually ideas and products of an individual who embraced a situation or circumstances with some gusto and confidence, creating ideas and offering solutions around their problems, wrapping it all up, they end up making statements with the outcome of their creation and many people call it style! They create opportunities, solutions, economy and life as outcomes. Fashion, style and trends are directly linked to your economy. Watch out on the next post on Style and Your Economy.

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