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January 4, 2017
Before your next airtime recharge, Pause!
February 9, 2017
As the year swiftly unfolds, the assignment is to live tomorrow today. The real hurdle on this pathway to success is balancing the drive, eagerness and will with patience as the most needed art. As the drive to move up, about and ahead gears up with eagerness, there is build up on excitement and the will to consistently do all that’s needed for success along with patience. One word comes to mind readily – Deliberate. This is the mantra to identify and activate all the dreams, tasks, projects and visions all charted for the days, weeks and months ahead. 
Live tomorrow today deliberately!! And here goes the flow of poetry.  .  .  
I woke up this morning grouchily
Inching on to my routine rather slowly
There seems to be so much to look at
And so much more to work and drive at
So much to think and plan through
So many days seem to have seeped through
Couple of weeks already gone past
With sure more to come and pass
Thinking of leaving behind today
As I begin to live tomorrow today
Marching so unstoppable and freely
No particular direction and fiercely
Save for the direction and sail I set
And for the zest and energy I get
For the year of my dreams, I need signs
For the hopes unending I heave a sigh
I want to see indicators of the future fast
Leaving behind the fears of the past
Working at leaving behind today
As I begin to live tomorrow today
Moving out of solitude of uncertainty
Embracing the attitude of certainty
Bringing on the imagery of my spirituality
Matching it till it superimposes my reality
I choose to be demanding and firm on self
And I choose to be patient with self
In the mind of my eye and the eye of my mind
I see lofty heights, so high, so real in my mind
I choose to leave behind today
And I begin to live tomorrow today
~ Bamike Fadipe
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