Master the waves. . .

The Race Towards Time.
January 17, 2015
‘Business’ or ‘Busyness’ series I
June 9, 2015
It’s been a while of putting keys on pad on this platform. “Many waters have passed under the bridge” this is a saying in Nigeria that connotes that many things have happened, events have rolled by, many lessons learnt. Life events are compared with  waves of water carrying with it everything on its course and eventually dumps somewhere. Wave of water leaves a remarkable mark on its part sometimes clearing off land mass or on the other hand leaving debris carried from one point to another. Some adage remain ageless and relevant even in our fast-paced, dynamic and ever-changing culture.

Today happens to be my birthday and I thought of reeling out of my heart much of the things I’m embracing in the new year having done a SWOT review of the year gone!
~ The choice to make daily living more purposeful and guided is paramount 
~ I’m making choices to reinforce my values and highlight my strengths
~ I choose to be humble with my strengths and achievements 
~ I choose to face my weaknesses and work it out with honesty and tenacity
~ I choose to be adaptable to my world
~ I’m choosing to daringly embrace change whichever direction it comes from!

The real issues of life are hinged on ‘Change’. 
Questions that come to mind vary – 
“To change or not to change?” 
“Why should I change?” 
“How do I change?”
“What if . . .” These what if(s) are endless, you definitely can fill the gap with many options.

Fortunately, change in life is the only constant thing. What we see today might be a variant of what is in existence but it is still marked by sharp difference from what use to be few years back in history. Today is filled with amazing creations, surprising improvements and disruptive innovations changing direction and paradigm of what has always been in yesteryears. While we can say that many of the changes we see today ~ in technology, economic, politics, communication, social interaction and in how business is done are astounding and quite mind blowing, it is a known fact that we can also still trace the myriads of changes to a framework of what already exist. 

The temptation to be confused, lost or embarrassed at the thought of change is real and facing the outcome of change can be a scare. Working through change is more daunting than maintaining change. Adapting to change and the aftermath of change usually is at a price. Infact, not changing in the face of overwhelming demand for change is at a cost. The charge is therefore to build a philosophy to be adaptable; have the wisdom to identify opportunities for change; the strength to muscle up to change; the audacity to face change; the humility to accept change and the flexibility to live the change and make it happen. More importantly, be prepared for wave of change and master the wave whenever it comes! 
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