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October 23, 2016
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November 11, 2016

I stumbled on this video that sounded like grandma Maya’s golden words to folks needing pep talk in the midst of many ups and downs. God knows I needed this so goodly! So watch like I did, take your notes and keep the lessons – Maya Angelou’s short clips 

Ten Humorous lessons from Maya Angelou (Notes from the video)

  • Just do it right: Do it right even if it’s not popular, nor profitable (our society, families and world needs this).
  • Be courageous: It’s the most important virtue, you need courage to be consistent in living out all other virtues.
  • Love: Fall in love with self and then love others. Find love internally and let love flow out – you can’t give what you don’t have.
  • Laugh: Live with ease, bask in humour and lightheartedness. Pass laughter on, let someone else catch the flame of laughter.
  • Be a blessing to somebody – Be a rainbow 🌈 in someone’s clouds!
  • Turn struggles into triumphs – generate positive energy through tough situations.
  • Talent: No one is without talent, it’s something inside that flows like electricity lightening our daily lives. We all got it in different measures and we all need it to make the world go round! 
  • Learn to say No! Learn to have a voice! Poverty has been directly linked to voicelessness and powerlessness.
  • Always do your best and give your best!
  • Keep rising even in obscurity, above all odds, rubbles and remnants; beyond the borders of family, society, race and world at large! When you choose to rise, you shine! So choose to rise! Still I rise
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