What is flying, What is Staying?
March 25, 2019
Who am I❓
April 8, 2019
April is here too? Uhn?

Just like March, it will soon be gone.

Here is my ‘flows’ for this month…. YOU
Have you ever had the task to describe someone very familiar to you to another person? You must have at one point in time or the other; whether you want to describe your childhood story and your family member, your friend, a new found lover, a new found muse or even someone that hurts deeply… 🤔
How do you go about doing this? From the basic physical description of colour, height, age, to demeanor all within the details of physical and tangible description. Now when you go ahead to describe someone from the invisible point, it is usually a function of perception, perspective and subjective position based on our experiences. At this point, you describe based on how they make you feel whether positive or negative. You will use active adjectives to describe someone who elicits a good feeling in you to the point that the person you are describing to in their minds might capture same intensity of emotions if there are no prior bias. And same feelings if it is negative.
Such expressions create vivid pictures and leave one transiently making decisions based on the description at hand, God help you if the describer exaggerates 😎
Oftentimes, It is very easy to describe other people, places and things to another person, I still wonder why❓

And when the table turns around to describe YOU, how do you describe YOU and ALL YOU stand for to another person?

How enthusiastic can you be?
What pictures do you paint in people’s minds? Whether at an interview, a presentation, a panel of discussion or an informal interaction, how do you describe you?
Relive your response to questions like:
Tell us about yourself”?
“What do you do now”?
“What can you offer”?
“What about you”?
Just few of many questions that we might be faced in our day-to-day interactions and in any situation. And our response can impact significantly on our outcomes.
Say the truth, how easy do you find the exercise?
Roll this on your mind and tell yourself what you need to know; till next week😎
Cheers to the new month… bask in all the shades of goodness.
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