Mirror Hack Series 2

The Mirror Hack
September 2, 2016
Welcome to October
October 1, 2016
Photo credit – Face in the mirror
Still on the mirror hack! 
In carrying out my facial regimen, my hand almost always slide on a deep furrow – a scar lying tangential my right eye brow: its a scar that has become a part of my face for as long as I can remember. The scar simply just denied my face the typical symmetry of a lined brow. I must confess that my spare time in front of the mirror often leaves me fussing over the scar like a new spot even after 30 years! While I occasionally try to relive the event that led to the crude imprint, I still wonder how a lot of close folks never seem to notice the same scar with the vivid description. But I’m learning not to stay active on negative imprints, memory and history including the said scar.
Typically we all tend to have a quick, serious glance when standing in front of a mirror and people are present. But when we are in front of a mirror all alone by ourselves, we do stuffs unimaginable, we stay for a longer time, act drama that words might not be able to capture! Unusual drama! Trying to see many parts of our acts all at a spontaneous opportunity of sighting a mirror! Sometimes, we check out how we can look as against how we look and that’s an art! Its an art that can be further explored. Seeing a new us is an art that has to be learnt! Remember that what you see has nothing to do with the cost of the mirror, it’s a function of what your mind can picture,project and ultimately bring to life.
Photo credit – Makeup gimmick
Imagine the picture above, the make up artist saw her client but didn’t limit her to the initial look, she saw a picture of what she can be – a more desirable picture and she brought it to life. 
We tend to check out our self from the familiar point of view especially from the last dark spot or freckles we saw whether on the small pocket mirror, standing mirror or the mirror of the heart. Learn not to focus on the struggles, the pains, scars and battles! We need to train our flexible and dynamic mind to see what we want to see in the mirror. Oftentimes, everyday living is like a mirror, what you see in your mind, you eventually see in reality.

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