Monday Motivation – Ice Cream

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July 30, 2018
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August 1, 2018

Imagine the picture of a cone of Ice-cream. . . picture it in your hand ****
I do not intend to make you wanna binge or have ice-cream craving this morning but I want to make you desirous of being YOU. See the link . . .
I dont even know what category of food ice-cream belongs, do we call it snack? or drink?. All I have always heard in the name is the state it comes – “ice” and the name of the content – “cream” whatever that is made of . . .
Wondering, why the juicy stuff wasn’t named after the ‘cone’, ‘waffles’ or even plastic which are the options of the container?
Ice cream is named by the “desirable state of existence” and the content – what is inside!
Eventhough, it is prepared in liquid form, it is compulsorily passed through ice-cold temperature because if it is not frozen, its not “Ice-cream”!
The frozen state improves the taste, I bet you wont like to have a cone of ice cream thats all watery liquid, it would have lost its essence.
The different state of life we have gone through, go through or currently going through at the end of the day adds up.
Many times, we allow external voices, words, opinions and ideas to define us and we overlook the most important part of us – what we have inside and what we are becoming. We give room for losing ourselves consciously or subconsciously and at the end we are cowered by such. We unconsciously sink in and get a disappearing essence.
So this morning, rise and call YOU
I C E . . . the desirable state and
C R E A M . . . what you believe you are made of.
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