News Flash: January 2020 Now Starts Early!!

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September 23, 2019

Long time no mail. . . πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I’ll confess, I miss me here and I promise to be better for the next decade.

Its because my new year is coming early…

If 2020 has not started for you already, your calendar is faulty!

Seriously, what’s your mailbox like with this 2020 gist? Is it like mine with so many mails and motivational jigs and 2020 as the buzzing word.

How many mails have I received about the end of the year and motivation for the new year? Countless. . . What about you? How easy has it been getting through all of them? So intentionally, aint gonna join the 2020 bandwagon, no goal bug… I promise πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

The irony is, exactly same sequence happened last year and just like that 2019 crept in. Now that the hyped decade and latest year in waiting – 2020 is around the corner, what’s to be done differently? To all those who set Vision 2020 to build the skyscraper of their lives… after drawing the vision and the strategy, then what next?

In some ways, the points of achievement and successes give us good feelings, fulfillment and source of gratitude. After that good feeling, then what next? Is the good feeling helpful in preparing for the new year! ( I’ll love to have your direct responses).

It will suffice to be grateful to the divine and right after then loose the memory 😜

Act like the successes never happened! Ditch your successes and start over.

And if you are like me with a bag of “Yet To Do List and a couple of “Next Big Things”. Then join me in the train of adjusting today to be 1st Jan 2020 and start the new year right away!

Your dreams, goals and plans shouldn’t be new to meet the new year.

The main task is to list the failures and challenge it upfront. Ask WHY and HOW.

List the 4 Next Big Things (one per quarter) and move up on this journey of New Year coming early.

I’m starting mine right away, what about you?

✍With Love ✍

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