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July 30, 2018
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September 24, 2018


The last century witnessed a great deal of inspirationals which stemmed from the mantra – ‘Power of Positive Thinking’.This eventually formed the foundation of many motivatinal and inspirational influencers of today and I dare say this must have impacted the world significantly. Perhaps the world would have been worse than what it is now without such electrifying, mind-resetting words of great speakers, authors, influencers who changed the world with their words. I also suspect that this also became mixed with the gospel of salvation through Christ alongside promise of having it all good by believing and thinking. . .(Hoping seriously that this is all correct afterall).
All these positive thinking somehow came true, came to pass and became a positive rule to live by. Between then and now, many good things have happened, the world economy  has being sporadically redefined and redirected; many changes have befallen this present generation. Technology has taken over us, means of doing things within shorter time and little or no effort is prevalent and celebrated. Gradually and successfully, we have become or becoming more inactive with fewer activities requiring energy or burning of calories, we are becoming lazy deploying technology for practically almost everything and anything. Its becoming outdated to have to sweat over anything. Asides from the health risks this poses in itself, the other risk of losing the ability to do and be better is also very significant. So gradually, we are getting used to not seeing any need to try, we then become afraid of trying, doing, and becoming as we have lost touch with that even in little things, big things then become tough to attempt. The power to act and do keeps eluding us, we gradually attach doing to a personality type or as something that chooses us rather than we choose such – seemingly out of our control.
The inspirational and motivational art is already a multi-blliion dollar worth industry and keeps growing. As much as this generation still needs these inspiring and motivational words spoken into our lives daily, much more than that we need to be inspired to take action, to do, to become; we need to be modelled into growing, we need to build and reinforce the impetus to act, do, and become. We need “The Power of Positive Doing,” we need to learn to be daring, we need to embrace capacity to fail forward.
The impetus to plan, start, do and do. Knowing when to use eraser and the flexibility to do so when required is a personal assignment for all.
So I welcome you to this new month of August, I encourage you to take an august action.
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