Press RED button on laziness!

Eating your cake and having it!
July 14, 2016
Welcome to August
August 1, 2016
It wasn’t meant to be a deliberate appraisal though, but flipping through my journal and seeing list of things I have desired and achieved in the course of the year, feeling good and I sure assured myself ain’t doing badly but suddenly a force quickly cut that short! A greater force whose lens could only capture the many things I didn’t get around doing, and they seemed endless or so I thought – (the posts I should have drafted, the ideas on sticky notes that should have been expanded, the untouched presentation slides, the ebook idea, the business networking follow up, products to be activated, sales and credits to be followed up on, follow up calls on business leads, several phone calls to family & friends that has become debts! and many more)! Eventhough I documented the goal, the detailed tasks – for short ~ the what, why and how, yet!! They were untouched! Yes untouched! I tried a melodrama of what my excuses could have been if I decided to be creative, I realized I could reel out a couple excuses within seconds all very genuine and original. I observed how our brain supplies energy to protect itself from itself and how pampering self with excuses would have made me feel at ease a bit. 


I realize it takes a conscious, deliberate effort to face myself in the mirror and simply tell myself – Girl, get your butt off excuses and press the RED button on laziness, stop the inaction! Go girl, go! #JustDoIt. So I choose to do the following: –


– Face a mirror and do a self talk; Relive the what, the why, the how and the where;
– Refire; Add zest; Create fun around the activities; Acknowledge and celebrate every leap
– Look out for an activity accountability partner ( could be your spouse, child, a friend, a colleague, a business partner)


And so my pledge today is:~


“I’ll do everything I can 
At every instance that I can
Doing my Best with all my zest
I won’t wear a gown on my endless downs
I’ll deal a rapid blow on the reeling plow
I choose to be strong irrespective of the throng
I’ll be smart and bold 
To master my art and gain the gold”


Bamike Fadipe is a passionate writer, an aspiring author on a mission to inspire, impact and motivate, making everyday living count.


Twitter: @Bankysanya
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