Start to be Great
January 7, 2019
The Second Chance
February 1, 2019

It’s no news that the month of January ends in few days and I dare say so much for new year resolutions and the goal bug. Do many goals, dreams and plans for the fast running 2019.

In many firms, this is the season of performance assessment and report writing for the first month of the new year with weekly reports that would have culminated in the monthly. This is a template that helps institutions and organisations with what needs to be done, then measure what is achieved, what is done, how it is done and what is to be done ultimately for the good of the organization in meeting up with its key objectives.

Sometimes, as employee of an organization, we fall victim of unfavourable assessment and other times it’s in our favour. Once done in the official arena, it’s over with and we move on to other sides of life but then. . . If it helps for effectiveness should it stop there?

Our personal lives will fare better if we can do our own weekly goal setting and assessments and eventually monthly just like an institution or an organization. Think about a weekly goal setting and assessment and eventually monthly assessment with all the tenacity and seriousness we would have displayed as an employee.

Run You

Run your life like an institution: live with a guideline document, live intentionally with goals and “job description”; run weekly and monthly performance appraisals.

I belong to an accountability group where weekly goals are presented and rolled in the conversion hub thinly into accomplishments. It has been an amazing experience, it makes my heart beat, makes energy flow and makes me feel alive. I keep attempting to live up to myself as I certainly do not want to be behind in my deliverable before a group.

I charge you therefore as February beckons that you hold YOU accountable on your dreams, goals, plans and tasks and if you can get an accountability partner.

Cheers to a fast-paced 2019šŸ“ƒšŸ’„

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